Orchestrating last-mile integration to on-prem apps with Okta and Strata
Orchestrating last-mile integration to on-prem apps with Okta and Strata. Enterprises adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies struggle with fragmented identity systems and lock-in to legacy on-premises systems. The high cost of migration away from legacy identity systems and the adoption of multiple cloud identity systems leaves identity fragmented. The combination of Strata and Okta gives... Read More ›
Strata for Application Owners
Modernize and migrate your app to modern identity without rewriting it. Modernize identity for your app without touching it. Migrate your app off of CA SiteMinder or Oracle Access Manager (OAM). Incrementally migrate your app to the cloud. Make your app enterprise-capable with advanced identity security like SAML, OIDC, MFA and auditing - all without... Read More ›
Anthos and strata partner for cloud migration
Modernize your apps and migrate to the cloud with Anthos + Strata
Modernize your apps and migrate to the cloud with Anthos + Strata Incrementally modernize your traditional applications and identity infrastructure with Anthos and Strata. Automatically modernize your on-prem monolithic applications into containerized microservices to improve application reliability and reduce operational overhead while future-proofing existing investments. Break lock-in between apps and legacy infrastructure. With hybrid cloud... Read More ›
Maverics Identity Orchestrator™ Datasheet
Maverics Identity Orchestrator™ Datasheet A lightweight service that: Connects to any identity system Transparently migrates users and credentials Replicates and synchronizes policies and configurations Abstracts authentication and session management Use Identity Orchestrator to integrate applications with any identity system without rewrites and with no impact on the user experience. Download the datasheet for details. Email*
Maverics Identity Discovery™ Datasheet
Maverics Identity Discovery™ Datasheet A lightweight service that: Discovers and visualizes your distributed identity infrastructure Creates an inventory of software, services, identities, policies, and configurations Delivers a clear picture of how your apps integrate with identity systems and any dependencies between them Builds your roadmap to achieving an identity fabric Download the datasheet for details.... Read More ›
Strata’s Identity Fabric™ Datasheet
Strata’s Identity Fabric™ Datasheet An identity fabric is a distributed identity management framework provided by Strata’s Maverics platform. An Identity Fabric uses orchestration to manage multiple identity domains on multiple clouds. An Identity Fabric uses: Abstraction to manage across vendors and avoid re-write of apps Zero-Code integration eliminating custom coding Discovery to inventory and map... Read More ›