Azure Active Directory + Maverics Identity Orchestrator

Identity is the New Control Plane


Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is your universal platform to manage and secure identities. Azure AD provides unparalleled security and unified access management that protects your employees, partners, and customers. Azure AD is an identity platform that integrates with Office 365, Windows, Intune, thousands of SaaS applications, and your hybrid identity environment for a complete modern workforce solution.

Enable employees, partners, and customers to be productive by providing seamless, secure sign-in experiences to applications and services while protecting them. Azure AD offers a broad set of security controls to help protect identities from threats. Protect user credentials by enforcing strong authentication and Conditional Access policies. Efficiently manage your identities by ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources.

  1. Connect your workforce to any app – in the cloud or on-premises – with single sign-on
  2. Protect and govern access by safeguarding credentials with a Zero Trust approach
  3. Engage with customers and partners and grow your business using user-centric tools and modern collaboration
  4. Build identity-connected applications, services, or workflows with an open and extensible platform

Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestrator Extends Microsoft Azure Active Directory to On-Prem Apps

Strata extends Azure Active Directory to protect on-premises applications by enforcing consistent access policies, keeping identities in sync, and making it simple to transition applications from legacy identity systems to standards-based authentication and access control provided by Azure AD. Strata’s unique approach to distributed identity management gives enterprises the power to quickly transition from legacy to Azure AD without rewriting applications.

Customer Benefits of Maverics + Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Save millions of dollars and months of time by automatically migrating workloads to Azure AD authentication and access control without rewriting legacy apps.
  • Accelerate innovation by modernizing identity systems to use open standards for authentication and SSO.
  • Improve security by seamlessly adding multi-factor and risk-based authentication and access control to legacy password-protected apps.
  • Reduce fragmentation by retiring redundant, complex, fragile, and high-cost legacy identity software—and its related infrastructure—before it reaches its end of life.