Distributed Multi-Cloud Identity Orchestration

Strata solves your distributed identity and access challenges through a no-code software solution and extensible platform. Automate repetitive integration tasks and modernize your legacy identity infrastructure in minutes instead of months.

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Strata Overview - Distributed Multi-Cloud Identity Management

The era of multi-cloud is here

Identity today is complicated and distributed. Enterprises are running an average of three clouds, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and more.

Legacy on-premises apps for critical business functions are still heavily used. Most enterprises are stuck in a hybrid world of multi-cloud and on-prem with apps and identities distributed and disconnected.

The solution has been to move legacy apps to the cloud, but rewriting each app to work with cloud identity manually diverts scarce resources. Organizations with hundreds or thousands of apps faced a long, painful, expensive project but there was no alternative. Until now.

Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform is built for enterprises to solve the considerable challenges of managing apps and identities in a multi-cloud environment.

Eliminate manual integration coding and any associated project management.

Manage identity integrated with all types of apps including custom, packaged, SaaS, and virtually any architecture and technology stack.

Decrease IT spend by reducing manual effort, retiring legacy environments, and more.

Save time by avoiding custom integration code. Don’t waste time rewriting apps to work with identity.

Improve security posture across your apps by eliminating inconsistent policy and inevitable drift.

Industry Recognition

“I don’t like to think about what could have been without Strata, because it could have meant spending hundreds of thousands of hours redeveloping applications.”

Rob Lenhof
Cloud Information Security Manager, Kroger


Identity Orchestration for multi-cloud

Maverics makes it easy to orchestrate identity for even the most complex scenarios. Seamlessly modernize application authentication or IdPs with no rewrites, custom coding, or disruption to the expected user experience.

Partners of the multi-cloud identity revolution

All your identities & apps orchestrated by one platform

Building user flows involving multiple identity systems and many apps used to require manual custom coding. Our revolutionary platform provides an abstraction layer that integrates heterogeneous identity management systems to make many policies, APIs, and sessions work as one.

Orchestrate all your identity flows

Maverics is an Identity Orchestration platform and identity control plane that unifies and automates identity management across multiple distributed identity systems and clouds.



Access Control


User Attributes


Conditional Access


Passwordless / Multi-Factor Authentication

SSO Sessions & Tokens

Empower your identity use cases

Maverics Identity Orchestration takes you through each step of the modernization process from discovery to retiring your legacy identity system. Transform fragmented, identity silos spread across multiple clouds and on-premises into an integrated Identity Fabric.

Identity Orchestration in action


Modernize users and credentials from legacy to cloud identity systems incrementally.


Keep identities, policies, and configurations consistent in each identity system.


Orchestrate user flows in real-time without writing custom code.

Don’t spend your resources building yet another identity integration project. Instead, automate using Strata’s software and get projects done in a fraction of the time and cost.

Strata is an official Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partner

Maverics Identity Orchestrator is featured in the Azure Marketplace. Use Azure AD to manage user access and enable single sign-on with SAML and OIDC Connectors by Maverics.

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