Modernize your apps and migrate to the cloud with Anthos and Strata

strata and anthos for identity migration and modernization


Incrementally modernize your traditional applications and identity infrastructure with Anthos and Strata. Automatically modernize your on-prem monolithic applications into containerized microservices to improve application reliability and reduce operational overhead while future-proofing existing investments. Break lock-in between apps and legacy infrastructure.

With hybrid cloud software from GCP Anthos and Strata, run your apps efficiently on multiple clouds with an Identity Fabric that keeps identities and policies consistent across your environments.

Why Anthos + Strata?

Organizations with traditional apps on-premises today that want to move them to the cloud need to simultaneously upgrade their identity infrastructure when moving to a cloud platform.

There is pervasive lock-in between apps and identity, and because of this lock-in, apps are locked into on-premises infrastructure. Therefore to move to the cloud you need to break the lock-in between apps and identity. Strata identity orchestration unlocks these apps so they can move onto Anthos, GCP, and even multiple clouds.

What is Google Anthos, and What is Strata?

GCP Anthos is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform that enables you to modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and run them anywhere in a secure manner.

Strata is an identity orchestration platform built specifically for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that enables you to easily manage multiple identity systems as well as migrate and sync between them.

Strata is a multi-cloud identity orchestration platform that manages all your identity systems for multiple clouds, on-prem, and hybrid. Strata’s Identity Fabric integrates and abstracts different identity systems to break lock-in, so you can easily use the clouds and identity providers of your choice.

strata and anthos use cases


  • Lock-In. There is lock-in between apps and identity and identity and platform that must be unlocked without rewriting apps.
  • Need multi-cloud. Organizations need to run on-prem and in the cloud; and in the cloud, you need to be able to use the cloud platforms and identity platforms of your choice.
  • Need to automate migration. Due to the complexity and scale of migrations, it is essential to use purpose-built tools to migrate apps to the cloud predictably.

Solution Overview

  1. Use the Migrate for Anthos tool to containerize VMs to run on Anthos and Kubernetes; or use Migrate for Compute Engine to run VM workloads in the cloud.
  2. Use Strata’s Identity Discovery tool to map out identity infrastructure and identify dependencies between apps and identities.
  3. Use Strata Identity Orchestration to decouple app and identity to avoid rewriting apps.
  4. Use Strata to migrate from legacy SiteMinder or Oracle OAM identity software to Google Cloud Identity, Okta, or other cloud identity systems.
  5. Use Strata to keep identities and policies consistent across multiple clouds.


  1. Break Lock-In. Future proof your existing on-prem investments and extend ROI to the cloud.
  2. Multi-Cloud Capable. Run your apps on-prem, in GCP, or the cloud platform of your choice.
  3. Automated Migration. Save time and money on migrations using automation tools.
  4. No App Rewrite. Avoid rewriting apps to work with a new cloud identity system.

The combined power of Strata and Anthos makes it easy for you to do all of the above. To learn more, schedule a live demo today.