Strata + Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Secure Hybrid Access

How is Digital Transformation Impacting Your Infrastructure Security?

Networks are evolving rapidly—and so is the way users need to access them

Digital Transformation is ubiquitous. The forces of digital transformation are making every company a software company, and it’s creating a mandate for technology that keeps pace with the needs of a business and its customers. Additionally, as enterprises merge, acquire, and divest businesses with increasing frequency, the need for agile identity infrastructure also increases. Today, multi-cloud networks are the “new normal” while cloud adoption scales and enterprises choose multiple cloud platforms—often using different clouds for specialized capabilities.

The evolving landscape of digital transformation drives the need for new and old systems to co-exist for the foreseeable future, which introduces complexity in managing security and risk. In fact, the single largest multi-cloud identity challenge is enforcing a common policy across a mixed set of clouds. And, with cybercrime on the rise, attackers target inconsistent access policies, poor visibility across clouds, and difficulties that arise when migrating policies.

Enable secure access for workforce and consumer users

Secure hybrid accessDeploy zero trust securityEliminate app rewrites
Extend Azure AD to on-premises with identity orchestration.Verify each request as though it originates from an open network.Reduce long project timelines and the high costs of rewriting apps for modernization.



Secure Hybrid Access

Seamlessly extend authentication and access control to on-premises applications that are tightly integrated with legacy identity systems. Enforce consistent access policies and assemble consistent identities as needed by apps—with Maverics Identity Orchestrator.

Maverics offers unique Identity Orchestration capabilities for organizations operating in a hybrid or multi-cloud world and need of a hybrid cloud strategy. Now, you can easily integrate on-premises applications with Azure AD and/or Azure B2C. This enables secure access for your workforce or external customers accessing applications on your network, ensuring users can see only the content they’ve been granted permission to see.

Meanwhile, your IT teams can save time and money with connected, distributed
identity systems that are cost effective to run and easy to maintain. You can orchestrate identity systems and keep policies—like MFA, passwordless, and mobile access—and configurations consistent across each.

Secure hybrid access

Deploy Zero Trust Security

Regardless of whether a workforce or single consumer is accessing your network, zero trust policies rely on a holistic approach to provide “never trust, always verify” security. Authenticate, authorize, and encrypt every request before granting access.

Keep your business moving forward by maintaining existing end-user experiences while ensuring security is invisible. Zero trust policies keep your network safe while making remote access continuous for workforce users. And, since you’re able to unlock consumer apps from identity systems stuck on-premises, you can even improve the end-user experience for your customers. By decoupling apps from identity systems in complex and changing environments, you’re able to streamline access for both workforce and consumer users—easily and seamlessly.

Deploy zero trust security

Eliminate App Rewrites

Use Identity Orchestration to integrate apps with any identity system—without rewriting them.

One of the greatest challenges in the digital transformation process is the need to modernize apps. The process is time consuming and costly, and it can hinder your ability to transform your business to keep pace with market demands. But now, with Maverics, you can abstract sessions and make apps standards-based, multi-factor authenticated, passwordless-enabled, and zero trust–ready with no rewrites.

Use Identity Orchestration software instead of manual efforts to eliminate app rewrites—which enables you to reduce migration costs and allow people to focus on innovation. With no app rewrites, the end-user experience is unchanged while making the transition to standards-based authentication. Don’t let identity silos slow you down—Maverics helps you improve security across multiple cloud providers, while modernizing your cloud infrastructure to suit your business needs.Eliminate app rewrites

Case Study: A Fortune 25 Retailer


When a Fortune 25 retailer’s legacy identity reached end-of-life, meaning no new releases or support, they learned the vendor they were working with wanted to lock them into a 3-year license upon renewal. They needed help migrating and modernizing their apps quickly because renewal was coming up. Manual efforts for migration would have been too slow and the cost of staying on legacy too high (bad for innovation and bad for high datacenter costs). The costs and complexity of maintaining heavyweight legacy infrastructure sent the customer looking for an alternative that aligned with their strategic objectives.


The retailer only had 90 days to migrate from a legacy infrastructure to Azure AD when they turned to Strata for help.


Strata was able to retire the legacy infrastructure and quickly transition apps to Azure AD. Strata deployed orchestrators and gateways to abstract identity from the apps, move from proprietary authentication and access control to standards-based and modern access control, and provided through-conditional access policies in Azure AD. Strata retrieved additional attributes from on-premises directories to enforce granular access for a complex app ecosystem.


By migrating to the cloud, the retailer was able to save millions of dollars in operational expenses every year and avoided expensive app rewrite costs (in the tens of millions of dollars). Now, they can move their apps to Azure quickly and easily. In fact, Strata was able to migrate hundreds of critical apps in less than 90 days.

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Watch this webinar to learn how you can unify identity and policy across cloud and on-premises with the joint solution from Starta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


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