Whitepaper App Identity Modernization
Forrester TEI Q4 2023

The Forrester Consulting commissioned Total Economic Impact Study™: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Strata Identity reveals that Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform led customers to a 407% ROI. Get the report to find out more.

Whitepaper Identity & Access Management
State of Multi-cloud Identity 2023 Report

The third annual State of Mulit-Cloud Identity 2023 report investigates the challenges and opportunities that enterprises face in an ever more complex and distributed identity world.

Whitepaper App Identity Modernization
Unlocking the power of passwordless on any app

Passwords are at the root of most cyber evil today. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report, using stolen or misused credentials is the...

Whitepaper Identity Orchestration
What is Identity Orchestration? The complete guide

Everything you need to know about building your identity fabric and orchestrating multi-vendor identity flows Multi-cloud identity management is hard. What if it doesn’t have to...

Whitepaper Identity Fabric
What is an identity fabric and why do you need one?

As cloud migration and digital transformation reach new levels of ubiquity, it’s clear that multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments allow for greater speed, agility, and security....

Whitepaper Identity Orchestration
Extend Microsoft Entra ID to complex apps with Identity Orchestration

Moving to a modern cloud IDP, like Microsoft Entra ID*, has many benefits — we’re not here to convince you of that. Yet, because application migrations...

Whitepaper Identity & Access Management
State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report 2022

Download the State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report 2023 for our latest research and findings. Executive summary Enterprises have accelerated their move to multiple cloud platforms over the...

Whitepaper Identity Orchestration
Distributed Multi-cloud Ecosystems Require a New Approach to IAM | Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

Distributed Multi-cloud Ecosystems Require a New Approach to IAM Global consulting and research firm Forrester surveyed 200+ IT and cloud leaders in IAM to discover the...

Whitepaper Identity Orchestration
The Return on Investment of Identity Modernization & Legacy IDP Migration

Situation Overview Strata Identity interviewed 50 leaders at Fortune 1000 companies about their application identity migration and IDP modernization strategies. The report outlines key takeaways from...

Strata + Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Secure Hybrid Access

How is Digital Transformation Impacting Your Infrastructure Security? Networks are evolving rapidly—and so is the way users need to access them Digital Transformation is ubiquitous. The forces...

Whitepaper App Identity Modernization
Checklist for migrating apps & identities off SiteMinder

Migrating applications and user identities from legacy identity providers (IDPs), like SiteMinder, to a modern IDP, such as Microsoft Entra ID, can be a long, complex,...

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Azure Active Directory + Maverics Identity Orchestrator

Identity is the New Control Plane   Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is your universal platform to manage and secure identities. Azure AD provides unparalleled...

Whitepaper Identity Orchestration
State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report 2021

>> The 2022 State of Multi-Cloud Identity report is here! Get the latest insights into today’s enterprises’ IAM challenges and opportunities. Overview Identity and access management...

Identity Orchestration Buyer’s Guide

The move to multi-cloud has forced a fundamental change in how identity is managed across multiple, distributed platforms and identity systems. Identity orchestration is gaining momentum by building a distributed Identity Fabric that enables consistent access and identities across multiple platforms. Learn which criteria to consider when researching an identity orchestration solution for your enterprise. Identify the use cases to support your multi-cloud identity strategy.

Modernize your apps and migrate to the cloud with Anthos and Strata

Summary Incrementally modernize your traditional applications and identity infrastructure with Anthos and Strata. Automatically modernize your on-prem monolithic applications into containerized microservices to improve application reliability...

Orchestrating Last-Mile Integration to On-Prem Apps with Okta and Strata

Summary Enterprises adopting hybrid and multi-cloud identity strategies struggle with fragmented identity systems and lock-in to legacy on-premises systems. The high cost of migration away from...

Whitepaper App Identity Modernization
App Owners: Imagine Zero-Code Identity and App Migrations

Modernize identity for your app without touching it. Migrate your app off of CA SiteMinder or Oracle Access Manager (OAM). Incrementally migrate your app to the cloud. Make your app enterprise-capable with advanced identity security like SAML, OIDC, MFA and auditing - all without touching or rewriting the app.

Orchestrating last-mile integration to on-prem apps with Okta and Strata

Orchestrating last-mile integration to on-prem apps with Okta and Strata. Enterprises adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies struggle with fragmented identity systems and lock-in to legacy on-premises...