Maverics Platform

Identity integrations across all your clouds on one powerful platform

Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform is the first distributed, multi-cloud identity solution. Maverics is an abstraction layer that integrates heterogeneous identity management systems to make many policies, APIs, and sessions work as one.

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Strata Overview - Distributed Multi-Cloud Identity Management

Enterprise identity management is hard. Making identity work for multi-cloud doesn’t have to be.

Enterprises are rapidly moving to distributed architectures. Whether a hybrid of on-premises and cloud, or several clouds, running distributed systems creates identity silos.

Challenges with distributed multi-cloud identity

Applications live on different clouds — like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud — and each cloud comes with its own identity system. Add the challenge of on-premises legacy apps, and you’ve got a distributed identity management problem.


Each cloud has varying identity capabilities, making consistent management of user access policies virtually impossible

Manual management

Coordinating large numbers of policies can lead to drift and unintentional access exposure

Expensive maintenance

IAM and authentication systems each have multiple and complex APIs requiring experts to code and maintain

The old way of managing identities doesn’t work in the new multi-cloud world. This paradigm shift requires a new approach

Learn more about the shift to distributed multi-cloud identity.

One platform with a distributed architecture for multi-cloud identity management

Maverics is a new approach to identity management for multi-cloud environments. Orchestrate consistent user identity and access policies for apps deployed across multiple clouds and on-premises systems.


Manage global identity and access policies that work across all your clouds and identity systems. With a simple and powerful declarative policy model, manage access with clear human-readable policies. Control and auditing become easy. Maverics policies play well with DevOps and CI/CD toolchain for cloud-scale automation.


Orchestrate the flow of real-time user experience and sessions across apps and clouds. Maverics builds identity orchestrations that weave together authentication, access, auditing, authorization, conditional access, MFA, attributes, token transformations, and modernization services. Choose from an expanding collection of Maverics Identity Orchestrations or build your own. Get out of the custom integration business and avoid tedious maintenance and long identity projects.

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Deliver identity orchestrations and enforce real-time identity and access control. Maverics’ Secure Hybrid Access solution extends Zero Trust Access to on-premises apps for cloud users.

Run Maverics proxy mode upstream from protected apps as a high-performance, cloud-scale, horizontally scalable proxy. Or, for traditional WAM configurations, run Maverics as a web server module – a common solution to replacing legacy WAM agents.


Make your identity systems and clouds work together through an Identity Abstraction layer. Abstract dozens of identity APIs with Maverics, saving you the time and effort of learning many identity systems, data models, and API conventions — across both cloud and on-premises systems. Maverics makes maintenance headache-free by insulating you from changes in underlying APIs.


Unlock and integrate any identity system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects with Maverics Connector Catalog. Using Maverics Connectors means you don’t need to be a developer to solve identity integration.

Automatic upgrades remove the burden of costly updates and ensure no versioning or compatibility issues. Connect Azure AD, Okta, Ping, ForgeRock, Duo, 1Kosmos, PlainID, ServiceNow, Workday, Salesforce, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and virtually any identity system.


Build identity orchestrations that delight your users and protect the business. Maverics Service Extensions extend Maverics’ identity services such as authentication, attributes, authorization to support virtually any logic and automation you want. Build your own connectors using Service Extensions to make building custom connectors a snap.

How Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform works

Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration software works as an abstraction layer that decouples apps from identity and natively integrates with all the cloud platforms, cloud identity systems, and on-premises identity and app infrastructures. Learn about Identity Orchestrations next ›

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Build Identity Fabric by integrating all your identity systems with Maverics Identity Abstraction Layer that works with cloud and on-premises identity systems.


Use Connector Catalog of prebuilt connectors to work with Azure AD, Okta, SiteMinder, OAM, LDAP, databases and more.


Maverics checks access control. Usually this is done by the authentication system.


Build Identity Orchestrations from Identity Services such as authentication, access control, authorization, auditing, tokens, and more.


Configure orchestrations using policy recipes designed from best-practices or build your own orchestration recipe.


Deploy identity orchestrations in the identity control place for runtime enforcement of orchestrations.

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