Integrate identity across everything, everywhere

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  • Protect existing identity investments.
    Connect any app to any cloud or identity provider without custom coding.
  • Unify identity silos.
    Enforce consistent access, authentication, and authorization policies across distributed infrastructure.
  • Delight app owners and users.
    Create a frictionless user access flow experience that just works, no matter which IDP you use.

Meet Maverics

The only Identity Orchestration platform made for the modern enterprise


Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform capabilities

The no-code way to create
a custom identity fabric

Maverics weaves your apps, clouds, and IDPs into a flexible identity fabric. This creates a seamless abstraction layer that lets you integrate existing identity services and clouds in just a few clicks.

Secure by design with
an air gap architecture

There’s no ongoing connection or dependency between your environments and the Maverics cloud.

Protect your on-premises and
cloud apps with one solution

Maverics’ distributed architecture was designed from the start to work seamlessly on-premises and in the clouds. Secure any app, on prem or in any cloud, making your journey to the cloud easy.

Completely passwordless

Keep complete control over your environment and security. We don’t use any password-based authentication and don’t store any personally identifiable customer or employee data in our cloud.

Built for the complexity of
enterprise environments

We built development, testing, staging, production, and failover environments into Maverics so that you have everything you need to test and launch successfully, while only paying for what’s in production.

Makes modernizing any app,
hosted anywhere, simple

Integrate and transform legacy authentication stores like LDAP, SQL, API, Drupal, and more without touching your apps. With Maverics, you can deploy OIDC, SAML, Web proxy, Passwordless, or the next big thing in identity without refactoring.

Equipped to handle
any identity use case

Solve your toughest identity challenges with our ready-to-deploy orchestration recipes. Use these no-code solutions to see what’s possible.

Control access and orchestrate
distributed policies

Orchestrate your identity policies across AWS, Azure, GCP, Okta, and more using the new IDQL standard for policy orchestration using open-source CNCF Hexa software.

Completely vendor agnostic

Use the IDP you like to eliminate tech debt and solution dependency — Maverics works with all architectures, vendors, and platforms, so you have the freedom to manage identity your way.

Maverics Identity Orchestration

Engineered for mission-critical reliability, cloud-scale performance, and seamless security.

  • Built-in reliability and resilience
    Add redundancies without worrying about extra costs — deploy as many orchestrators as you need to get the job done.
  • Priced for predictability
    Your cost is based on the number of apps and IDPs or identity services in your environment. That’s it. There are no integration, per-user, or transaction fees.
  • Cloud-scale performance
    Maverics scales horizontally and vertically even in the most demanding environments, so you always get first-rate performance.
  • Seamless security
    Passwordless and intelligent encryption are built into the core of the Maverics design architecture to provide world-class security.

Solve your toughest IAM use cases

Modernization. Passwordless authentication. Orchestrated customer journeys. With Strata, you can do so much — without writing code.

Get inspired by what your peers are doing right now.

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They may not see it, but they’ll experience its effects

This is what your team will experience when you build your own identity fabric


Confidently adopt multi-cloud platforms and the latest cloud services without worrying about the user experience.

Security and risk management

Eliminate gaps and blindspots between proprietary identity systems and comply with mandates without touching apps.

App owners

Focus on core app functionality instead of the ever-changing security requirements without worrying about identity.

End users

Enjoy a smooth, consistent experience without sudden disruptive changes to access workflows.

Business leaders

Achieve zero trust and cloud-first goals with the solutions you already use without hiring unicorn experts.

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