Identity & Application Modernization
Top 10 MFA implementation challenges & how to avoid them
Weak password security is the most common means for bad actors to get their hands on sensitive information and cause a breach. When work-from-home became the norm during the pandemic, cybercriminals saw an opportunity. At the peak in 2021, phishing attacks spiked to 220%. In the haste to get remote offices rolling, password hygiene plummeted…. Read More ›
Identity & Application Modernization
What is identity modernization & why should you care?
3 drivers of the identity modernization imperative: people, processes, technology Identity modernization is the process of moving from managing identities using an on-premises IDP to a cloud-based identity system. It could also be the shift from one cloud to multiple clouds.  The imperative to modernize identity systems comes from the increased need to protect vulnerable… Read More ›
Multi-cloud Identity Management
CIAM: what is customer identity & access management?
How to orchestrate the customer identity & access management journey In a world of increasingly fickle loyalty, you have to keep your customers’ trust. With the majority of breaches being related to personal login credentials, protecting customer identities is critical. Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is a way to integrate authentication and authorization with… Read More ›
Multi-cloud Identity Management
Keep your IAM budget in a recession
How to make the most out of your 2023 IAM budget The looming recession is causing the C-suite to re-evaluate spending priorities. Like many IT leaders, you may fear that your Identity and Access Management (IAM) budget is in jeopardy. However, as identity-based threats increase, so do your team’s demands. Securing your organization is of… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Why cloud-based identities play an important role in cloud security
The new security perimeter of an organization is cloud-based identities. Given its significance, Eric Olden, Strata’s co-founder, and CEO, discusses the role of cloud-based identities in cloud security in a recent Security Boulevard article. Olden also shares recommended actions to bolster security with cloud-based identities. “Security identity in an enterprise, especially in a modern cloud/hybrid… Read More ›
Policy Orchestration
IDQL & Hexa developer workshop [webinar]
Join select developers and architects in the IDQL working group behind the Hexa project for an interactive, hands-on experience to: Learn how Hexa was built using GoLang and other design considerations See a live demo of Hexa software and a codebase walkthrough Learn how to build a provider/connector of your own Understand how you can… Read More ›
Policy Orchestration
How to go from zero to a standard: building IDQL/Hexa
IDQL is the new identity standard and Hexa is the reference software that makes IDQL operational. Hexa is an active CNCF Sandbox project. Strata recently hosted a panel webinar introducing a new identity standard to the world: “The Building of a New Identity Standard: Why the Multi-Cloud World Needs IDQL and Hexa to Unify Policy.”… Read More ›
Policy Orchestration
Introducing IDQL & Hexa: a new identity standard for Policy Orchestration
What’s especially valuable about IDQL/Hexa is it coordinates consistent policy across cloud platforms and the tech stack. This open-sourced, vendor-neutral approach is needed to expedite adoption across vendors, developers, and business users alike. – Jack Poller, Senior Analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Cloud computing offers many benefits — agility, scalability, efficiency, and speed to… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Strata’s State of Multi-Cloud Identity report reveals 2022’s top IAM challenges for enterprises
With a cloud-first approach gaining momentum, a growing number of applications are being hosted across multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). At the same time, many apps are still protected by a legacy identity system (such as SiteMinder, Oracle, etc.) and only a small number of enterprises plan to move off on-premises systems entirely… Read More ›
Multi-cloud Identity Management
IAM glossary: key Identity & Access Management terms explained
Whether you’re new to identity and access management (IAM) or a seasoned pro, there’s a lot of technical and complex vocabulary that you have to keep straight. It doesn’t take long for your head to start swimming. The concepts can seem similar but are finely nuanced and it’s important to know the distinctions.  Identity and… Read More ›
Identity Fabric
How low-code application development & identity management work together
In a recent Helpnetsecurity article, Eric Leach, Chief Product Officer of Strata Identity, discusses why low-code applications and identity management need to co-exist. In the article, Leach discusses the adoption of low-code tools and discusses releated identity concerns.  Until recently, software development required top talent to type code line-by-line painstakingly. It’s a slow process with… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Managing identity in multi-cloud ecosystems: key findings from analyst study
The rapid pace of cloud migration has created a chasm between enterprises’ ability to modernize IT infrastructures while maintaining data protection. The increased adoption of multiple clouds has only compounded the challenges, making managing identity in distributed multi-cloud ecosystems a significant concern.  Forrester Consulting surveyed 221 North American IT leaders and decision-makers to learn what… Read More ›
Policy Orchestration
Hexa Policy Orchestration framework: simplifying IAM policy for multi-cloud ecosystems (by Tom Malta)
In this guest post, IAM expert and global consultant Tom Malta shares his views on how Hexa and IDQL – a new and unique policy orchestration platform –  are set to disrupt the multi-cloud space.  Using multiple cloud platforms delivers significant benefits to enterprises, such as improved redundancy, availability, and security. As a result, the… Read More ›
Policy Orchestration
What the multi-cloud world needs now is consistent identities & policies [ESG Webinar]
A big part of the modern, multi-cloud world means facing threats that target identity vulnerabilities. The hard reality is that most companies have lost sensitive data in the cloud. Yours is likely no exception. Today’s hybrid mix of on-premises, SaaS, and public clouds creates challenges to effectively manage identities and policies in a multi-cloud environment…. Read More ›
App & Identity Migration
SiteMinder’s end of service (EOS) is coming quickly. What are your options?
The SiteMinder team at Symantec recently announced the end of service (EOS) date for SiteMinder 12.8.04 (service pack 4). And while the announcement answers some questions, it leaves CISOs and CIOs with more questions of their own. It also leaves you with less time to make decisions than you might think. Let’s take a look… Read More ›
Identity Migration
Extend Azure AD to migrate, modernize & orchestrate identity with Strata [Infographic]
As systems such as SiteMinder approach their end of service (EOS), enterprises are increasingly tasked with navigating identity and app migrations to the cloud. With multi-cloud rapidly becoming the “new normal,” these transitions have become too complex for the traditional manual approach to migration. Manual migrations to the cloud are slow and costly — particularly… Read More ›
The difference between authentication & authorization — why it matters
Authorization and authentication are common security terms that sound remarkably similar. It’s easy to confuse the two, and often they’re used interchangeably (though they shouldn’t be). But, when it comes to keeping your data safe from bad actors, the differences are critical.  Let’s look at the distinctions between authentication and authorization, explore why they matter,… Read More ›
Distributed Identity
Distributed, multi-cloud identity management in 5 steps
In a Dark Reading article, Eric Olden, CEO and Co-founder of Strata Identity, highlighted the five steps enterprises can follow to strengthen distributed identity management in a multi-cloud infrastructure.  The multi-cloud market has seen continuous growth as enterprises recognize the value in shifting to a distributed identity model. Benefits include: Reduced vendor lock-in Cost savings … Read More ›
Can your apps use passwordless authentication (& should they)?
Your company has a cybersecurity problem that it can’t eliminate: your employees. People are the number one security vulnerability in any organization, simply because we’re human and we make mistakes. Even if your people take security seriously, they’re still your company’s most vulnerable entry point for a cyber attack. One of the reasons for this… Read More ›
How to implement MFA for legacy applications
Multifactor authentication (MFA) is part of your daily life. You log into applications that ask for your username and password and then require a second confirmation of your identity — usually by sending a code to your phone or email address. This is a standard multi-factor authentication (MFA) process, but the standard is quickly becoming… Read More ›
What is adaptive authentication & how does it enable zero trust?
The number zero is everywhere these days. You’ve got zero-code, zero-day, Coke Zero, and of course — everyone’s favorite — zero trust. What’s the deal? These “zero” terms all convey a baseline that is considered the ideal state. In the case of zero trust, zero means “trust no one and verify everything.”  In theory, zero… Read More ›
Identity Fabric
How an Identity Fabric eliminates the challenge of multiple clouds
In a recent Dark Reading article, Strata Identity’s Head of Standards, Gerry Gebel, discusses the proliferation of identities and how their management has become extremely cumbersome. He explains how to securely manage identities from on-premises applications and multi-cloud using an Identity Fabric. This Dark Reading article shows how Identity Fabric eliminates the challenge of multiple,… Read More ›
Identity Orchestration
Identity Orchestration — the recipe to tearing down identity silos?
Businesses need a multi-cloud strategy today. Most companies have discovered that by now, but they’re also discovering new identity challenges that go along with it. Multiple clouds mean multiple identity silos. These silos don’t talk to each other, creating fragmentation across the clouds. When two or more applications need to work together across those silos,… Read More ›
Identity Fabric
Identity Fabric: what it is & why it’s needed in multi-cloud environments
We are in a huge transition period from on-premises identity management to the cloud. And most organizations are straddling both without a guidebook on how to do it. IT teams struggle today to keep pace as the increased adoption of multi-cloud expands in our new, distributed identity landscape. Though multi-cloud allows for greater speed, agility,… Read More ›
App & Identity Migration
What are the risks of cloud migration?
A recent IT Toolbox article, Top Security Considerations for Transitioning from Private to Public Cloud, emphasized that organizations should re-evaluate how they safeguard their data and apps when they are moving from public to private cloud infrastructures. It first highlights the concerns that many companies have when moving from private infrastructures to public clouds. The… Read More ›
Zero Trust
Give your WAM & SSO applications a turbo boost
One day, combustion engines may become illegal on roads and highways. But what if you have a favorite gasoline-powered car that you love to take out for joyrides? It’s your baby — you’ve had it for well over a decade, and you’ve taken care of it like a member of the family. On warm days,… Read More ›
Identity Orchestration
Identity Orchestration for Azure AD: Strata featured on the 425 Show
Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration solution was the featured topic while Microsoft’s Stefan van der Wiele interviewed four of Strata’s subject matter experts on an episode of the 425 Show on Twitch TV.  Here we provide a recap of the highlights regarding identity orchestration in Azure environments. First, the team was asked to describe how Strata… Read More ›
Identity Orchestration
Identity Orchestration: How to Manage Identity in Multi-cloud
More and more organizations are modernizing their legacy identity systems and moving to the cloud. And their migrations aren’t deployed to a single cloud, either. A recent survey revealed that 66% of enterprise companies use three or more clouds. It’s pretty clear — centralizing is out; distributed, multi-cloud is in. This new world then begs the… Read More ›
Zero Trust
What a zero trust security architecture means with multi-cloud identity
It’s a dangerous world. Threats are lurking around every corner bad actors are constantly seeking ways to take advantage of weaknesses. It’s not the trailer for a new thriller film; it’s the reality for enterprises today. It’s also the basis of the zero trust security architecture: assume that everything is a threat to be checked… Read More ›
Identity Modernization
Castles, Moats, & Clouds: Modernizing your Legacy IdP to the Cloud
The era of multi-cloud is here and here to stay. Strata’s mission is to help enterprises manage the shift from legacy identity systems to the cloud or multi-cloud. In an interview with “Digital Anarchist” Michael Vizard on TechStrong TV, Strata CEO Eric Olden uses the analogy of castles and moats to discuss the situation today… Read More ›
Multi-cloud Identity Management
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solutions for Multi-Cloud
Identity and access management (IAM) has been around since the dawn of the computing age. Although the term was once synonymous with the network, IAM and identity and access management solutions are now integral to the cloud and all applications running on them. Today, most organizations don’t operate on one cloud, but multiple clouds. Multi-cloud… Read More ›
Maverics Identity Discovery
Introducing Maverics Identity Discovery — Simplify Discovery, Migrate Apps Faster
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust The term discovery means different things depending on the context. It can be a new place, new information, or recently gained enlightenment. At its heart, discovery is about finding something you didn’t know was there.  I thought… Read More ›
App & Identity Migration
What application & identity migration is and why it’s important
Why app & identity migrations are necessary and how to make them more manageable Migrating applications and identities to the cloud is a bit like the Wild West. There’s no set way to do things, the risks are real, and the stakes are high. However, there are approaches to avoid and best practices to consider… Read More ›
App & Identity Migration
Webinar on demand: frozen peas, identity management & the path to modernization
A Fireside Chat [webinar] about Kroger’s move to the cloud & how they modernized their legacy identity systems. If you’ve struggled to stay safe, sane, and healthy through the Covid-19 pandemic (yep, looking at you), the importance of grocery stores, such as Kroger, is clear. From frozen veggies, hand sanitizer, or baking supplies retailers of… Read More ›
IT Modernization
5 step identity & app migration from SiteMinder to Azure AD
SiteMinder is nearing its end of service or end of life (EOL). After 2022, it will no longer be supported, and clients will need to migrate their applications to another system, like Azure AD. You’re not alone if you’ve been avoiding that elephant in the room. According to the 2022 State of Multi-cloud Report, 82%… Read More ›
App & Identity Migration
How to Modernize Identity & Migrate Apps to the Cloud
The imperative to modernize identity stemmed, broadly, from the need to make systems — old and new — work harmoniously. User identity is at the heart of the way users access the apps and data that businesses rely on, it is the first step IT teams must address as they move from on-premises to the… Read More ›
Company & Culture
Top 2 is a Win at RSA 2021 Innovation Sandbox Contest
The RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest is a big deal. It’s the Academy Awards for Cybersecurity startups. Of course, like everything else in the COVID era, the whole event was virtual.  The presentation was pre-recorded by company execs — in our case, Strata Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer, Eric Leach. He was in a soundproof… Read More ›
Identity Migration
Legacy identity infrastructures are nearing end of life, now what?
End of Life (EOL) is inevitable for most products. There comes a time when it simply no longer makes sense to keep investing in something.  It could be that the product is not generating enough revenue (Sony Playstation Vita), or a miscalculation was made in a diversification strategy (remember New Coke?).
Multi-Cloud Identity
Distributed identity enables multi-cloud for healthcare & life sciences
Overview Cloud adoption by healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerated with the events caused by the global pandemic that started in 2019. With remote telehealth and other technology advancements, healthcare and life sciences organizations needed to adjust rapidly.  While modernizing quickly is necessary, organizations must also adopt a multi-cloud strategy to remain competitive. Much like… Read More ›
Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform
The Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform Launches
The Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform is officially launched! As Michael Vizard of Security Boulevard and IT Security News states, “[Maverics] a platform for orchestrating the management of identities spanning multiple applications, directories and cloud services…. provides IT organizations with a framework to declaratively implement and manage policies based on identities that is core to any… Read More ›
Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform
CEO’s words: Strata introduces Identity Orchestration platform for multi-cloud
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gilde I’m thrilled to introduce the Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform, by Strata. It’s with tremendous pride that I get to share this milestone with the team at Strata who worked countless hours to bring Maverics into reality…. Read More ›
Multi-cloud Identity Management
How orchestration unlocks identity in multi-cloud
Last year set a new high water mark for cloud adoption, especially hybrid cloud environments that combine on-premises and cloud-based apps and identities. According to one survey, businesses on average spent 23% more than budgeted on cloud services in 2020 and expect to increase their cloud spend by 47% in 2021.  Almost 6 out of… Read More ›
Why SSO is only part of multi-cloud identity
Over the past few decades, single sign-on (SSO) has become the default security solution for most companies. It’s convenient for users, so they actually use it. SSO also improves organizational security by keeping the number of accounts and passwords low. SSO came on the scene as companies struggled to manage multiple applications’ identities. Each app… Read More ›
Company & Culture
Series A funding paves the way for Strata’s multi-cloud identity adoption
We’re thrilled to announce that Strata recently closed an $11M Series A round of funding, led by Menlo Ventures and supported by ForgePoint Capital.  The overwhelming excitement surrounding the announcement has solidified what we already believed—that the multi-cloud identity problem is vast, and enterprises need a solution now.  That’s what Strata is all about. Just… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Show me don’t tell me: how Strata is engineered for skeptics
At Strata, we strive to be a ‘show, don’t tell’ company. Our customers have our unwavering commitment to do what it takes to: prove that our software works and… help them be successful. Strata’s founders have been in the identity industry for more than 25 years, so they’ve seen firsthand the frustrations caused by software… Read More ›
Hybrid Identity
Rise of the identity domains (identity silos)
How hybrid IT infrastructures will soon push IAM to the brink. What are identity silos? Identity domains, also known as identity silos, are when user identities live in different interoperable systems that can’t communicate with each other. Once upon a time, an enterprise’s infrastructure lived in a fortress. Tightly contained within the strong walls, it… Read More ›
The Maverics Identity Orchestration Express Demo
Connect with an Identity Orchestration expert SEE A DEMO With Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestrator™, you can migrate and modernize your identity systems without painful application rewrites. You’ll save hundreds of hours, and millions of dollars on your upcoming project. In the spirit of transparency, we think it’s more important to show you how we do… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Antifragile identity for the multi-cloud world
This article was originally posted on The New Stack. In his book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb describes game-changing events that occur randomly and infrequently while proposing a theory on how building robustness into systems will allow them to withstand shocks when the unforeseen happens. He was referring to the banking system, but the same… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Multi-cloud identity management for financial services
How financial services can succeed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments “[The financial industry is] facing rapid and significant changes…Industry changes include Open Banking, neo-challenger banks and non-traditional financial institutions competing to serve customers. We also see significant changes in computing capability associated with cloud computing and agile delivery methodologies.” Royal Bank of Scotland Traditional banks… Read More ›
Hybrid Identity
Addressing hybrid identity fragmentation across on-prem and Azure
How Strata and Microsoft work together to solve the user provisioning and sync problems across hybrid identity environments Introduction Chances are pretty good that you’re right in the middle of a cloud migration or hybrid identity plan of some sort. The recent Flexera State of the Cloud Report found that 93% of enterprises have a… Read More ›