App Identity Modernization

App Owners: Imagine Zero-Code Identity and App Migrations

zero code identity migration

Zero-Code identity and app migrations make it easy and cheap to migrate your app without touching the code. Migrate your app off of CA SiteMinder or Oracle Access Manager (OAM). Incrementally migrate your app to the cloud. Make your app enterprise-capable with advanced identity security like SAML, OIDC, MFA, and auditing – all without touching or rewriting the app.

Why Maverics for Zero-Code Identity and Zero-Code App Migrations?

App owners are responsible for ensuring that an app is available and meets the needs of its users. For enterprise apps built over the past 15 years this has often led to missing features and accrued technical debt, leading to a Jenga architecture and often the team that built the app are no longer at the company.

Today organizations are under more pressure to make apps available to remote workers as part of Work From Home strategies. Oftentimes apps are locked into identity systems like CA SiteMinder or OAM and must be rewritten to be able to use a cloud-based identity system. The budget and timelines for these projects can be expensive.

Strata’s Identity Orchestrator and session abstraction unlocks apps from their identity system so that app owners can move apps to AWS, Azure, GCP, and use those built-in identities, Okta, or other modern identity systems like Ping, Azure AD, or ForgeRock.

Modernize and migrate your app - Move to hybrid

Challenges with Migrating Apps to the Cloud

  • Lock-in. apps are locked into identity through custom code and in turn, organizations are locked into the platforms where their identity systems run preventing moving to the cloud.
  • App Jenga. Many apps were built a long time ago and the team and tools may no longer be available meaning teams are reluctant to touch these apps.
  • Cost and Complexity. the cost to rewrite apps to work with modern identity requires a significant investment of developer bandwidth and budget.

Solutions for App Owners

  1. Use Maverics to abstract identity from apps with a Zero-Touch, Zero-Code app migration deployment.
  2. Use Maverics to switch identity systems with abstraction and incremental migration capabilities.
  3. Use Maverics orchestration to add new identity capabilities like SAML, OIDC, SCIM and SSO without rewriting your app.

Modernize and migrate your app - maverics architecture


Requirements. Maverics requires access to identity management solutions like Okta, Ping, ForgeRock, AWS, Azure AD, GCP.

Flexible shared subscription options. allows app owners to pay for their app while leveraging IT’s core Maverics platform.

Run Maverics anywhere. on-prem, in the cloud, and at multiple clouds.

Works with any web app. Maverics works with apps written on any platform including Java, .Net, Ruby and virtually every web language.

Benefits of Modernizing and Migrating Apps with Maverics

  1. Run your app on the cloud platform of choice and use the identity system you want.
  2. Drop dependence on CA SiteMinder or Oracle Access Manager; retire legacy identity infrastructure and save on maintenance and supporting infrastructure.
  3. Migrate apps without rewriting them. Gracefully deprecate SiteMinder/OAM cookie sessions without rewriting your apps.
  4. Zero-Touch implementation drops in without touching your existing apps, no coding required.
  5. Extend the useful life of your app. Future-proof platform and break identity lock-in.
  6. Improve security by adding advanced authentication, enhanced auditing.
  7. Strata is simple to test, validate, and implement and expert support included with every subscription.