Single sign on is only part of multi cloud identity
Multi-Cloud Identity
Why SSO is Only Part of Multi-Cloud Identity
Single sign on (SSO) is a critical pillar of identity management and many companies have implemented this solution which provides convenience for users and improves security by reducing account and password proliferation. SSO is also a great way to roll out advanced identity capabilities like multifactor authentication (MFA) and self-service user management. SSO grew out... Read More ›
Identity Modernization
Legacy Identity Infrastructures are Nearing End of Life, Now What?
These practical steps will help ensure a smooth transition End of Life (EOL) is inevitable for most products. Fans of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke will remember when it was retired in 2007! When it comes to EOL, software is one of the most cannibalistic product categories. New versions or next-generation technologies routinely make existing products... Read More ›
Hybrid Identity
Rise of the Identity Domains
How hybrid IT infrastructures will soon push IAM to the brink. Once upon a time, we used to build big on-premise IT infrastructures to run our businesses. Then the cloud came along with its public cloud infrastructure and SaaS and now we have hybrid clouds. A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses... Read More ›