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Maverics is the only Identity Orchestration platform that allows enterprises to mix and match incompatible identity systems without rewriting each application or changing the user experience.

-Eric Olden, CEO & Co-founder, Strata Identity

Today marks an exciting milestone in the journey of Strata Identity. I am proud to announce the general availability of the next generation of our Maverics Identity Orchestration platform. 

The rise of Identity Orchestration 

Over the past four years, Strata has emerged as a leader and pioneer in Identity Orchestration, with distributed multi-cloud computing at the heart of everything we do. In 2019, we introduced the world to the concept of Identity Orchestration through the first release of Maverics and, with it, the first commercial identity fabric.

At the time, Identity Orchestration was such a revolutionary concept that many people had a hard time fully understanding it. However, it’s been incredibly rewarding to witness how, with the dedication and passion of the team at Strata, Identity Orchestration has gained widespread recognition and moved into mainstream conversation.

The Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform is now a mission-critical infrastructure powering some of the largest enterprises globally. A phrase from the analyst community that sums up the power of the technology is, “In the future, you will either orchestrate or be orchestrated.”

How Identity Orchestration solves the needs of today’s global enterprise

In my 25+ year career in identity, particularly during my tenure at Oracle, I’ve had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. Many of the specific challenges modern enterprises face stem from managing identity and applications across multiple clouds while still maintaining legacy identity systems. Some of the big problems in enterprises today include: 

  • Enterprise scale. Many organizations manage hundreds or thousands of apps, dozens of IDPs, and millions of identities. Manual effort is a non-starter in this context.
  • Hybrid infrastructure. The majority of applications and infrastructure remain on-premises, necessitating hybrid solutions.
  • Complexity of identity infrastructures. Modern enterprises often have mixed IDPs and multiple security tools that run on several clouds. The resources — time, budget, and personnel — to manually code solutions simply cannot keep up with the demand.
  • Mission-critical resilience. With the extremely high costs of downtime, the need to eliminate dependencies where possible is paramount.
  • Wide range and complexity of use cases. Today’s modern digital enterprise is a sophisticated amalgamation of use cases, requiring a highly flexible and extensible approach to integrating identity and applications. There are dozens of corner cases that must be considered.

Strata’s State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report reveals top IAM challenges for enterprises

Enhancing Maverics to meet modern enterprises’ identity challenges

At Strata, we take partnering with our customers seriously. We worked closely with our enterprise design partner customers to build and improve Maverics with features tailored to their success. Through active listening, iteration, and validation, we have incorporated key features into Maverics. 

Enterprise-class Identity Orchestration

Maverics was designed for the most demanding, large-scale, global enterprises. It supports multiple deployment environments (dev/test/prod), built-in, and 3rd party monitoring in Grafana, NewRelic, and DataDog.

A broad range of use cases — Orchestration Recipes

The Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform supports the broadest range of use cases in the industry. With easy-to-deploy Identity Orchestration Recipes, you can modernize legacy app identity, deploy passwordless, enforce authorization, and manage complex namespaces.

Rich multi-vendor identity fabric

Maverics is vendor-agnostic and compatible with every cloud, IDP, and identity service for authentication, passwordless solutions, authorization, signals, identity proofing, and know-your-customer (KYC) services. Through building your identity fabric, The Maverics Platform seamlessly integrates your IDPs, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises, providing an app store-like experience to unify your identity infrastructure.

Hybrid air gap architecture

Maverics’ hybrid air gap architecture was built natively to secure cloud and on-premises applications. This design means there’s no dependency between customer applications and Strata, offering greater resilience than solutions that create dependencies between customers and SaaS service providers. Importantly, Strata does not hold any personally identifiable data (PII), streamlining compliance and data security.

Unlimited extensibility with low-code service extensions

Maverics allows for easy integration into any IDP or custom workflow using low-code Service Extensions. These extensions provide virtually unlimited customization making those challenging corner cases possible. Maverics comes with sample extensions you can easily customize and deploy through the Maverics UI.

Predictable pricing that avoids sticker shock

We understand the pain points associated with unpredictable costs, which is why Maverics offers a predictable, non-user-based pricing model. Maverics is priced by the number of applications secured and IDPs integrated. With Maverics, there are no surprises — we offer unlimited free users, unlimited orchestrators, and non-production environments.

A note of thanks to our customers and employees

As we bring this next generation of Maverics to the market, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to our customers. Without their invaluable insights, we wouldn’t have such a deep understanding of which problems Identity Orchestration needs to solve.

I also want to extend my gratitude to the best employees in the industry and partners for their tireless efforts in bringing this platform to life in a world-class way. We are excited about the journey ahead and the continued collaboration with our customers and partners. 

What’s next for Maverics? 

We are working on some really interesting innovations in the authorization space with our partners and will have some fun stuff to show off in Maverics this summer.

Together, we are shaping the future of how enterprises manage security and resilience and thrive in multi-cloud with Identity Orchestration. Stay tuned! 

With Aloha,

Eric Olden

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Eric Olden

CEO & Co-founder