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Add no-code Passkey support to non-standard apps with Trusona

Adding passwordless authentication is on the short list of identity priorities in 2023 for many organizations. Yet, it’s not as simple as picking a solution and deploying it. Passwordless services vary and come in different flavors of phishing-resistant authentication technology, including passkeys which have quickly become a top option.

The popularity of passkeys is mainly due to their support by leading device and OS companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Consequently, passkeys are also accessible for end-users because most already have one of these devices in their pockets; no extra hardware tokens, proprietary mobile apps, or complicated training are required. 

Trusona is a leading provider of Passkey-as-a-Service security, and the recent release of their Authentication Cloud offering has made it incredibly simple to add passkey protection to any modern IDP or application. Benefits of this service include four times more successful user sign-ins and twice as fast app access.

How to add passkeys to non-standard, legacy apps?

As no two passwordless providers are the same, so is it for the mix of applications across an organization. We can quickly separate apps into two buckets: Those that support modern identity protocols, such as SAML and OIDC, and those that do not. Non-standard apps tend to be legacy, on-prem apps, but they are no less important to protect than your modern ones. 

We’ve spoken before about the challenges of adding new identity services to non-standard apps. The top ones include: 

  • The apps usually predate passwordless and even traditional 2FA technology 
  • Authentication and authorization functions are hard-coded into the applications 
  • Adding any new identity service to the app requires rewriting the app
  • The app source code is hard to come by, with original developers long gone

Passkeys for any application with Trusona & Strata

Strata and Trusona have worked together to develop a new no-code Orchestration Recipe for adding Passkey support to these non-standard apps. This integration allows for new fine-grained authorization at the individual app page and resource levels to provide even more precise control. Get the Orchestration Recipe for how to add Trusona to any non-standard legacy app.

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Michael Wallen

Technical Product Manager