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Strata Identity Named a “Cool Vendor” for 2020 by Gartner

Leading Analyst Firm Selects Identity Orchestration Startup for Ability to “Lift and Shift” On-Premises Systems to Modern Cloud Architectures BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 18, 2020 — Strata...

Strata in the News
eWeek: Strata Identity Orchestration Product Review

In a recent eWEEK product review, Frank Ohlhorst examines how Strata tears down identity silos and provides the visibility organizations need to regain control over identity management in hybrid environments. The review provides a deep dive into the Strata Identity Fabric and how it brings Identity Orchestration and automation to multi-cloud environments.

Strata in the News
Microsoft: Top 7 Microsoft Identity Partnership Announcements at Ignite 2020

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Mircosoft customers need to access all mission-critical apps from home securely, including legacy applications. While Azure AD Application Proxy can provide remote access to your legacy apps, some customers prefer to use their existing application delivery networks, VPNs, or Software Defined Perimeter solutions. That’s why we're expanding our Secure Hybrid Access Partnerships to include new partners such as Strata Identity.

Strata in the News
The New Stack: Antifragile Identity for a Multicloud World

"Most applications are brittle and do not react well to major technology shifts. For enterprise technology to avoid obsolescence, we need to design systems that not only survive stress but thrive under it. With the increasing adoption of multicloud architectures, traditional centralized identity management is coming under stress. To keep up, a next-generation approach to identity is needed that is antifragile."

Strata in the News
Forbes: 13 Things Tech Leaders Need To Do To Prepare For Decentralization

Decentralization is sweeping across the enterprise with the move to multi-cloud. Distributed architectures require distributed identity. From a security perspective, companies will have to start thinking beyond centralized notions of identity and consider how to manage fragmented identities and policies across clouds.

Strata in the News
Forbes: Identity Integration for the Distributed Multi-Cloud Era

Strata in the News
Forbes: Best Practices For Incorporating A Hybrid Cloud Identity Strategy

Eric, CEO of Strata Identity and enterprise cloud identity expert, multi-exit serial entrepreneur and co-author of the SAML SSO standard, explains the best practices for incorporating a hybrid cloud identity strategy.

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