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eWeek: Strata Identity Orchestration Product Review

In a recent eWEEK product review, Frank Ohlhorst examines how Strata tears down identity silos and provides the visibility organizations need to regain control over identity management in hybrid environments. The review provides a deep dive into the Strata Identity Fabric and how it brings Identity Orchestration and automation to multi-cloud environments.

“The reality today is that enterprises are using multiple clouds and are looking for the flexibility to be able to move across multiple clouds and maintain control of identities and entitlements. Something that amounted to a massive undertaking for enterprises in the throes of digital transformation. Strata addresses the problem of disjointed and fragmented identity silos with a digital fabric that ties identity together into a single managed entity. In other words, those managing identities on numerous clouds could eliminate the practice of supporting numerous identity management systems and move identity management to a single pane of glass.”

Ohlhorst unpacks how Strata creates a distributed identity model that is centrally managed, yet connected to various cloud services. This mesh capability is provided by Maverics Zero Code Connectors, which link to various cloud services using SAML, OIDC, and SCIM. Using these open standards eliminates the need to write custom code to integrate multiple clouds, identity management systems, and applications. Working as an abstraction layer, Maverics creates one-to-many relationships for identities.

“The advantages of that approach are numerous and give administrators the ability to create unified policies, as well as consolidate rules, groups, entitlements, and so on into something akin to the concept of identity as a service, where unified management becomes the norm. What’s more, concepts such as MFA (multi-factor authentication), cross-platform compliance, auditing, and ease of migration all become a reality for an organization.”

To find out how Strata makes distributed identity management possible while enforcing unified security policies read the full review and watch our interactive Maverics demo.