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Strata Showcases Identity Orchestration at Microsoft Ignite


This week, Strata was asked by Microsoft to present our Maverics Identity Orchestrator platform for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) at their annual Ignite conference. As companies migrate to the cloud, they are faced with some hard-to-solve identity challenges. For example, moving applications to the cloud requires rewriting them so they can work with new identity systems. 

At Ignite, we will demonstrate how Maverics enables organizations to migrate applications to the cloud without rewriting them so identity can be centrally managed by Azure AD. In addition, we’ll explain how Maverics allows companies to modernize on-premises apps by extending Azure AD authentication and access control capabilities to them with no code changes. 

Here’s what our CEO Eric Olden said:

“The next frontier in identity management will be based on a distributed architecture. Strata is accelerating this transition and the move to multi-cloud using the Maverics identity abstraction layer. We are breaking enterprises free from legacy lock-in by enabling them to modernize and migrate apps to the cloud where identity can be unified in Azure AD. Maverics can do this without requiring any changes to existing app code bases.”

Even analyst firm Gartner is advising businesses to prepare for the inevitable:

“Security and risk management leaders responsible for identity and access management and fraud detection should adopt an identity architecture consistent with modern cloud architecture, but make contingency plans to migrate legacy applications. Lifting and shifting them to the cloud will typically require additional IAM support through IAM data abstraction layers, mapping, and synchronization.1” 

You can read the full Ignite press release on Business Wire. Also, read the Microsoft tech community blog on identity partner integrations at Ignite 2021.

1Gartner, Cool Vendors in Identity Access Management and Fraud Detection, 5 October 2020, by Jonathan Care, Akif Khan, Tricia Phillips, Felix Gaehtgens.