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Use Identity Orchestration to upgrade security, strategically phase deployment, and create a superior user experience — with no code or app rewrites.

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Deploy any MFA & passwordless authentication provider

Maverics weaves your apps, clouds, and IDPs into a unique, flexible identity fabric. Any time you add (or switch to) a new identity service, it ‘joins’ your fabric. This means no lengthy integration process, no refactoring legacy apps because they don’t ‘speak’ modern authentication, and no apps left behind.

It really is a quick, easy, and pain-free way to go passwordless.

Stay modern, flexible, and user-friendly

Today’s best new tech is tomorrow’s legacy dinosaur. Thanks to Identity Orchestration, you can swap out the old for the top performer as many times as needed.

Adding modern authentication doesn’t need to interrupt things either. With just-in-time passwordless registration, you can eliminate friction and cut the need for time-consuming user onboarding.

Take the risk out of deployment

Adding passwordless through your identity fabric doesn’t just eliminate app rewrites — it also makes all changes reversible. If something doesn’t work, you can roll it back in seconds without outages or dark dev magic. And that’s not all.

Strata supports multiple concurrent modern authentication services, so you can give users an alternate way to get access to key information if they lose their mobile device or hardware key.

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