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Strata Identity Head of Standards to Discuss Next Generation Authorization at TechVision Chrysalis Conference

Gerry Gebel will explore new approaches, technologies, and standards for integrating  real-time access decisions and maintaining robust security protocols 

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 16, 2024 – Strata Identity, the Identity Orchestration company, announced today that Gerry Gebel, its Head of Standards, has been invited to present on an expert panel at the upcoming TechVision Chrysalis Conference.  

WHO: Gerry Gebel, Head of Standards for Strata Identity, has more than 20 years of experience in requirements definition, architecture development, and strategic planning for identity management projects with Fortune 500 corporations. He has been a senior executive with Axiomatics, a global provider of access control solutions. He served as Vice President and Service Director with research firm Burton Group for nearly a decade and started his career in the technology group at Chase Manhattan Bank (now part of JP Morgan Chase).

Nathanael Coffing, TechVision Research, is an internationally renowned strategist in identity and cybersecurity with over two decades of experience working with standards bodies and launching identity products. He focuses on cloud-native security, providing technical and organizational leadership to companies adopting modern application architectures. Nathanael has worked in the Defense, Finance, and Retail sectors and is actively involved with several Openbanking and NIST working groups.

WHAT: This session will focus on key authorization mechanisms, including step-up challenges which dynamically adjust security levels based on situational risk and least privilege access strategies that ensure users only have access to necessary resources. Gerry and Nathanael will discuss how to integrate real-time access decisions driven by contextual analytics, and utilizing AI and machine learning (ML) for enhanced security. They will also explore the impact of these technologies in maintaining robust security protocols, as well as considerations for privacy and compliance in complex digital environments.

Attendees will learn:
– The current state of authorization in enterprise environments
– Advances in authorization technology and standards and how they will impact real-time policy enforcement
– The role of AI and ML in next-generation authorization architectures
– How to prepare for coming changes in the authorization landscape to meet security, compliance, and privacy requirements 

WHEN: Wednesday, January 17, 2024, from 10:45 am – 11:25 am PST.

WHERE: Virtual event accessible from your device.

HOW: To register, visit To schedule a conversation with Gerry Gebel, contact Marc Gendron for Strata Identity at [email protected] or +1 617.877.7480.  

About Strata Identity

Strata Identity is the leader in Identity Orchestration for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud. The orchestration recipe-powered Maverics platform enables organizations to integrate and control incompatible identity systems with an identity fabric that does not change the user experience or require rewriting apps. By decoupling applications from identity, Maverics makes it possible to implement modern authentication, like passwordless, and enforce consistent access policies without refactoring apps. The company’s founders created the IDQL (Identity Query Language) standard and Hexa open-source software for multi-cloud policy orchestration, and are co-authors of the SAML standard for SSO federation. For more information, visit us on the Web and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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