Why cloud-based identities play an important role in cloud security

The new security perimeter of an organization is cloud-based identities. Given its significance, Eric Olden, Strata’s co-founder, and CEO, discusses the role of cloud-based identities in... Read More ›

Multi-Cloud Identity
Strata’s State of Multi-Cloud Identity report reveals 2022’s top IAM challenges for enterprises

With a cloud-first approach gaining momentum, a growing number of applications are being hosted across multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). At the same time,... Read More ›

Multi-Cloud Identity
Managing identity in multi-cloud ecosystems: key findings from analyst study

The rapid pace of cloud migration has created a chasm between enterprises’ ability to modernize IT infrastructures while maintaining data protection. The increased adoption of multiple... Read More ›

Multi-Cloud Identity
Distributed, multi-cloud identity management in 5 steps

In a Dark Reading article, Eric Olden, CEO and Co-founder of Strata Identity, highlighted the five steps enterprises can follow to strengthen distributed identity management in... Read More ›

Distributed Identity
Identity Fabric: what it is & why it’s needed in multi-cloud environments

We are in a huge transition period from on-premises identity management to the cloud. And most organizations are straddling both without a guidebook on how to... Read More ›

Identity Fabric
Distributed identity enables multi-cloud for healthcare & life sciences

Overview Cloud adoption by healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerated with the events caused by the global pandemic that started in 2019. With remote telehealth and... Read More ›

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Show me don’t tell me: how Strata is engineered for skeptics

At Strata, we strive to be a ‘show, don’t tell’ company. Our customers have our unwavering commitment to do what it takes to: prove that our... Read More ›

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Antifragile identity for the multi-cloud world

This article was originally posted on The New Stack. In his book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb describes game-changing events that occur randomly and infrequently while... Read More ›

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Multi-cloud identity management for financial services

How financial services can succeed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments “[The financial industry is] facing rapid and significant changes…Industry changes include Open Banking, neo-challenger banks and... Read More ›

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