Multi-Cloud Identity
Why cloud-based identities play an important role in cloud security
The new security perimeter of an organization is cloud-based identities. Given its significance, Eric Olden, Strata’s co-founder, and CEO, discusses the role of cloud-based identities in cloud security in a recent Security Boulevard article. Olden also shares recommended actions to bolster security with cloud-based identities. “Security identity in an enterprise, especially in a modern cloud/hybrid… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Strata’s State of Multi-Cloud Identity report reveals 2022’s top IAM challenges for enterprises
With a cloud-first approach gaining momentum, a growing number of applications are being hosted across multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). At the same time, many apps are still protected by a legacy identity system (such as SiteMinder, Oracle, etc.) and only a small number of enterprises plan to move off on-premises systems entirely… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Managing identity in multi-cloud ecosystems: key findings from analyst study
The rapid pace of cloud migration has created a chasm between enterprises’ ability to modernize IT infrastructures while maintaining data protection. The increased adoption of multiple clouds has only compounded the challenges, making managing identity in distributed multi-cloud ecosystems a significant concern.  Forrester Consulting surveyed 221 North American IT leaders and decision-makers to learn what… Read More ›
Distributed Identity
Distributed, multi-cloud identity management in 5 steps
In a Dark Reading article, Eric Olden, CEO and Co-founder of Strata Identity, highlighted the five steps enterprises can follow to strengthen distributed identity management in a multi-cloud infrastructure.  The multi-cloud market has seen continuous growth as enterprises recognize the value in shifting to a distributed identity model. Benefits include: Reduced vendor lock-in Cost savings … Read More ›
Identity Fabric
Identity Fabric: what it is & why it’s needed in multi-cloud environments
We are in a huge transition period from on-premises identity management to the cloud. And most organizations are straddling both without a guidebook on how to do it. IT teams struggle today to keep pace as the increased adoption of multi-cloud expands in our new, distributed identity landscape. Though multi-cloud allows for greater speed, agility,… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Distributed identity enables multi-cloud for healthcare & life sciences
Overview Cloud adoption by healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerated with the events caused by the global pandemic that started in 2019. With remote telehealth and other technology advancements, healthcare and life sciences organizations needed to adjust rapidly.  While modernizing quickly is necessary, organizations must also adopt a multi-cloud strategy to remain competitive. Much like… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Show me don’t tell me: how Strata is engineered for skeptics
At Strata, we strive to be a ‘show, don’t tell’ company. Our customers have our unwavering commitment to do what it takes to: prove that our software works and… help them be successful. Strata’s founders have been in the identity industry for more than 25 years, so they’ve seen firsthand the frustrations caused by software… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Antifragile identity for the multi-cloud world
This article was originally posted on The New Stack. In his book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb describes game-changing events that occur randomly and infrequently while proposing a theory on how building robustness into systems will allow them to withstand shocks when the unforeseen happens. He was referring to the banking system, but the same… Read More ›
Multi-Cloud Identity
Multi-cloud identity management for financial services
How financial services can succeed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments “[The financial industry is] facing rapid and significant changes…Industry changes include Open Banking, neo-challenger banks and non-traditional financial institutions competing to serve customers. We also see significant changes in computing capability associated with cloud computing and agile delivery methodologies.” Royal Bank of Scotland Traditional banks… Read More ›