How to protect every app if PingOne goes down

Don’t get hurt by unexpected outages. Use Identity Orchestration to keep mission-critical apps working while repairs are underway.

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  • Turn any IDP into an emergency back-up and extend it to key business apps.
  • Automatically pivot apps to LDAP, active directory, different PingOne instance, or another cloud IDP during an outage.
  • Seamlessly switch back to PingOne once order has been restored.

Keep your apps ready for anything

A lightweight back-up can keep mission-critical apps online during an unexpected outage so that the business doesn’t suffer. Use Identity Orchestration to extend one of your cloud IDPs or on-prem solution to any critical app so that they can failover smoothly in times of need.

  • Prepare your work surface. Define the upstream application and the port Maverics will use to communicate with the app.
  • Set the rules. Define the basic policy that enforces authentication to the failover IDP and define how Maverics will provide context to the upstream application.
  • Configure. Set Maverics up as an authentication gateway and give it the right permissions to direct users correctly.

App users don’t care about IDPs or outages — they care that their apps are always accessible. Use Identity Orchestration to make it so.

  • Familiar login. Users head to the same screen and start the app authentication flow.
  • Invisible redirection. Behind the scenes, Maverics evaluates the app policy in config and directs the user to <IDP Name>.
  • Quick authentication. The user enters their <IDP Name> details, gets authenticated and logs in. Everything in the app looks the same as before.

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