Life after ForgeRock: Exploring your IDP options after the merger

If you don’t want to re-platform to an uncertain Ping/ForgeRock combination — and don’t want to sacrifice any of the benefits you got through ForgeRock — use Identity Orchestration to chart your own future.

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  • Build IDP flexibility into your architecture instead of resigning yourself to a specific vendor.
  • Keep access to the complex custom policies and advanced use cases that made ForgeRock special.
  • Adopt a unified login for all apps before the migration for ongoing friction-free access.

Don’t let someone else’s M&A control your identity destiny

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Just add in your ingredients and deploy.

Switching Identity Providers should be your choice — and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the complex set-up you spent years perfecting. Use Identity Orchestration to keep all the advanced use cases and custom policies that made ForgeRock special no matter where you decide to go.

  • Prepare your work surface. Set the application HTTP-POST config in Maverics and set the application to point to the orchestrator as the LDAP server.
  • Set the rules. Define the basic policy that enforces authentication to your app and define how Maverics will provide context to the upstream application.
  • Configure. Set Maverics up as an authentication gateway and give it the right permissions to direct users correctly.

App users don’t care what identity provider you use to authenticate them — they care that it works. And that their app login experience isn’t being thrown into chaos. Use Identity Orchestration to make sure it works perfectly every time.

  • Familiar login. Users head to the same screen and start the app authentication flow.
  • Invisible redirection. Behind the scenes, Maverics evaluates the app policy in config and directs the user to the new IDP.
  • Quick authentication. The user enters their IDP details, gets authenticated and logs in. Everything in the app looks the same as before.

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