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How this global telecom service provider modernized a business critical portal

  • Modernized a company portal that housed business-critical applications
  • Simplified and secured the authentication experience for 80+ applications
  • Retired legacy identity services stack, moved to modern directory store and IDP, and saved millions of dollars in support costs
Telecom software & services
Use case:
App / identity modernization


Move mission-critical apps off a legacy IDP

A leading telecom & software services company faced a crucial challenge: to keep app access secure, they had to transition each one from their legacy IDP to a modern open source identity provider. Their legacy IDP was reaching its end-of-life (EOL) so support was difficult and maintenance was costly. At the same time, the company had to switch from their old app portal to the new updated one. 

This transition led to a few identity-related challenges. Each portal environment was supported by separate identity services so users with access to applications in the different portals had to log in twice. To keep users happy — and the apps secure — the team had to simplify the authentication experience. 

That’s why they began searching for a customizable, flexible solution that gave them complete control over which identity provider they used.


Modernize all applications through Identity Orchestration

The team needed a solution that could simplify its complex identity environment and allow them to migrate the application portal quickly and securely. They found all of that in Maverics. 

Strata acted as a proxy authorization engine to make the transition between the old and new portal, moving all the applications and allowing them to interoperate. Maverics enabled bidirectional single sign-on (SSO) and single logout — something that no other solution could achieve. This allowed the company to retire its legacy IDP and related identity services. 

The Maverics Orchestrator also replaced several older entangled services and created a single pane of glass for policies.  With Maverics, one orchestrator could replace several custom components that were all performing different functions, such as handling cookies, verifying a user ID, and other unique means of authentication.


A modern authentication system that’s better for everyone

Thanks to Maverics, the company now has a modern authentication system that makes management simpler for administrators and access more secure for users. It also improved security by reducing the number, complexity, and distribution of authentication control policies and enforcement points.

Strata decommissioned the company’s custom-built modules and recreated that same functionality — without being dependent on other pieces of technology or infrastructure. Together, Strata and the company were able to simplify the login experience for users, eliminate overlapping identity services, reduce the number of servers required to run identity services, and create a more manageable identity environment.

For the company, the results were more than a portal modernization; they also optimized their identity operations for “move-and-improve” result. On top of better design and functionality, the company’s new portal has proven to be more inviting and inclusive to other network entities. And it’s also more secure due to modern authentication via Maverics. 

Strata’s innovative and versatile solution saved the telecom services company millions of dollars in rewriting applications, migrating components, infrastructure hosting, and time and materials. Overall, Strata’s software and partnership made a significant and measurable impact by improving the user experience, increasing security, and reducing costs and complexity.


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