How a leading credit union is modernizing its IAM with Identity Orchestration

  • Fast, efficient migration. The credit union is successfully transitioning to Microsoft Entra ID before a renewal deadline, avoiding significant costs and operational disruptions.
  • Upgraded security and user experience. The identity team is improving security protocols and streamlining access for employees and credit union members.
  • Set innovation in motion. They are part of a forward-thinking movement in financial services to introduce more efficient and secure banking applications.
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Use Case:


Migrating complex, legacy applications from an outdated IDP

One of America’s largest credit unions faced a critical challenge in its identity management system. They needed to modernize, but several complex — yet critical — apps stood in the way. Time was running out.

The credit union’s existing IDP, SiteMinder, was nearing the end of support. The IT team didn’t want to get locked into a seven-figure renewal contract with a solution they wanted to sunset; they wanted to retire SiteMinder and move to a new, modern, cloud IDP. However, they had a handful of mission-critical but highly complex custom applications that couldn’t be easily moved. So fragile were these apps and so intricate was the code that the estimated time to rewrite them all for Microsoft Entra ID, their new IDP, was much longer than the year they had. Rewriting the apps would also be significant financially and burdensome to their precious talent resources. On top of that, writing could have another disastrous implication, of potential app downtime which was something they want to avoid at all costs. The credit union was pressured to find a solution that could handle the move of its complex, custom-built applications without any rewriting.

Potential risks went beyond the bottom line, as their reputation was at stake should any disruption impact member trust and satisfaction.

“Facing the imminent end-of-life of our legacy system, SiteMinder, we knew a change was necessary. The decision to migrate to Microsoft Entra ID with Strata’s Identity Orchestration solution was driven by our commitment to operational excellence and member service. The move was about future-proofing our identity management and ensuring seamless service delivery to our members.”


Tailoring advanced capabilities for unique requirements

The credit union’s infrastructure included a mix of custom and commercial applications, each with its dependencies and integrations. Given the complexity, any solution must be highly adaptable and capable of handling various authentication protocols and user interfaces. Plus, the transition had to be deployed without affecting the daily operations of the credit union, which serves a large and active membership base.

Facilitated by the Strata Identity team, the smooth transition from SiteMinder to Microsoft Entra ID was not just about changing platforms; the integration and transition empowered the credit union with a more flexible and robust identity management system.

Strata’s Identity Orchestration solution streamlined the integration by implementing service extensions that support multiple LDAP databases. The approach preserves the credit union’s existing applications, workflows, and the management of both internal and external user identities. With Strata, a seamless experience for both employees and credit union members is ensured.

The success of this project is being guided by strategic foresight in anticipating and addressing future identity management needs.

“The migration process, led by Strata’s expert team, exemplified what can be achieved with great collaboration and technical expertise. Despite the complexity of our existing systems, the transition to Microsoft Entra ID was handled effectively, ensuring no disruption to our critical services. It was a smooth, well-orchestrated changeover that exceeded our expectations.”


Seamless transition, new security with MFA on all apps, and no renewal sticker shock

The credit union has successfully decommissioned SiteMinder with a month to spare before the renewal deadline. They were able to migrate their business-critical, complex applications to Microsoft Entra ID without any interruptions, avoiding substantial renewal costs. The successful deployment is leading the Credit Union to explore further expansion of its identity management capabilities, including the addition of new IDPs and the possibility of adding passwordless authentication.

By moving away from a legacy system to a more modern, agile solution, the credit union is significantly reducing the workload on its IT staff, freeing them up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

“The successful migration to Microsoft Entra ID has enhanced our operational efficiency and significantly improved our security posture and user experience. We’re now better positioned to adapt to the evolving needs of our members and the industry. This transformation is a key milestone in our journey towards technological innovation and excellence.”


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