App Identity Modernization

Extend Azure AD to migrate, modernize & orchestrate identity with Strata [Infographic]

Microsoft Infographic | Strata Identity Orchestration

As systems such as SiteMinder approach their end of service (EOS), enterprises are increasingly tasked with navigating identity and app migrations to the cloud. With multi-cloud rapidly becoming the “new normal,” these transitions have become too complex for the traditional manual approach to migration.

Manual migrations to the cloud are slow and costly — particularly given the scale of the project for multi-cloud. In a recent study, 70% of enterprises named “migrating more workloads to the cloud” as a top priority in 2021. So it’s reassuring that 80% of those enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy to guide the way.

Investing in the right tools for the job is essential for executives seeking to modernize their systems and strengthen security postures while maintaining a user-friendly experience. Fortunately, there is an alternative to manual migration without its inherent costs and risks. 

Migrate to Azure AD with Azure Connect and Strata’s Identity Orchestration software to achieve the best results for your enterprise.

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Multi-cloud makes app & identity migrations hard

Manual migration from legacy on-premises systems to a multi-cloud infrastructure is incredibly challenging and fraught with risk. Even the most skilled IT teams will encounter difficulties, frustrations, and delays without the right tools for the job. 

Rewriting custom code to migrate hundreds (or thousands) of apps to the cloud takes months of focused effort by IT teams. That’s assuming the source code is available in-house. Too often, it isn’t, which can lead to uncomfortable politics to negotiate restrictive contracts.   

Costs can rapidly grow, and the temptation to adopt a “big bang” approach is high in such a scenario. Loss of critical data and unwelcome disruption to users are often the result of poorly executed manual migrations. You may even need to revert to the pre-migration state to restore lost data if things go wrong.

There is an easier, faster, and safer way to achieve the best results when modernizing your infrastructure.  

Extend Azure AD across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Migrate to Azure AD using Azure Connect to eliminate unwanted outcomes associated with manual migrations. Using a “lift and shift” approach to migrate to Azure AD reduces risks by transitioning valuable data incrementally.

Azure AD becomes the primary identity repository extending across hybrid and multi-cloud systems. Whether identities are created on-premises or in the cloud, Strata Identity can detect fragmented identity attributes from disparate environments and create an aggregated identity profile that spans hybrid systems.

With Identity Orchestration, hybrid identities are synched with Azure AD, ensuring interoperability across your hybrid infrastructure. Changes taking place in Azure are detected and synched across the entire infrastructure. 

Strata’s Identity Orchestration software uses an abstraction layer to automate identity authentication and enforce consistent access policies for hybrid and multi-cloud systems. It’s a seamless transition for users without the need to update credentials or re-register in the system.

Improve security, cut costs, and save time with Identity Orchestration

With so many enterprises seeking to modernize their infrastructure, it’s no surprise that the growth in the hybrid cloud market has been phenomenal. The hybrid cloud market will reach an estimated $97 billion by 2023. That’s up by almost one hundred and 20% from $44.6 billion in 2018.

The benefits of choosing to migrate to Azure AD with Strata’s Identity Orchestration software are considerable. Take a look at some of the key outcomes you can expect with this solution:

  • Security is enhanced by introducing and enforcing best practices like multi-factor authentication (MFA) during the migration process and reducing the risks of phishing.
  • Costs are reduced by 95% by eliminating the need to rewrite custom code for hundreds or thousands of apps.
  • Automation allows the migration of identities and apps in hours instead of months, saving your teams valuable time to focus on other priorities.

Future-proof your infrastructure with Azure AD and Strata Identity

The approaching end of service (EOS) for on-prem IdPs like SiteMinder creates an opportunity to future-proof your infrastructure. Manual migrations are no longer the only solution.

Best of breed solutions are now available that solve this complex problem while saving you time and money. Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestration software helps SiteMinder’s customers migrate apps and identities before its EOS, improving security and restoring executive visibility to system access.

Don’t let identity silos slow you down. Get started with Strata today. Find us on Azure Marketplace.