Achieving secure hybrid access

Navigating identity management for hybrid infrastructures doesn’t have to be overly complex or daunting – we’re here to help you. In this 30-minute webinar, product experts from Strata and Microsoft Azure Active Directory share new strategies for unifying identity and policy across cloud and on-premises environments, without rewriting your apps or changing the end-user experience. 

This webinar is perfect for identity and security experts looking for strategies to extend Azure AD to protect legacy applications - especially those decades-old apps that need a major overhaul just to support modern authentication standards like SAML and OpenID Connect.


Eric brings to Strata 20 years of leading product strategy, creating go-to-market success, and inspiring innovation for identity management, application security, and data protection products at Apcera, Salesforce, Oracle, and Sun. He has applied his passion for solving customer problems to products such as Salesforce Shield, the fastest growing product in that company’s history, the OpenSSO project, the industry’s first open-source enterprise identity product, and Oracle’s market-leading identity management products.

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Natee is a Senior Product Manager in the Identity Division at Microsoft. He is responsible for developing Zero Trust solutions with cybersecurity companies. Natee has worked in a variety of engineering and business positions at Microsoft HQ. Most recently, he led legal, data privacy, architect, and marketing teams to build customer trust in Microsoft cloud, develop a security and compliance partner ecosystem, and drive revenue and growth of Microsoft 365 solutions.

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Meet the Speakers

Eric Leach
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Strata

Natee Pretikul
Senior Product Manager - Identity Engineering, Microsoft

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A low cost, low touch alternative to traditional "big bang" migration projects.

How to modernize apps to Azure’s standards-based authentication with no impact to apps or users.


How to move to Zero Trust faster and more reliably, making remote work simple and safe.

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