Modernize any app’s identity provider

Stop playing catch-up. Use Identity Orchestration to decouple identity from any application, so you can get out from behind legacy IDPs without rewriting your apps.

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Use Identity Orchestration to get off the modernization treadmill

Connect your identity fabric

Maverics weaves all of your apps, clouds, and IDPs into a flexible identity fabric. Instead of reallocating resources and investing dev time into rewriting apps, you can integrate modern authentication directly.

Control your modernization story

Don’t let identity technical debt force you to abandon older line-of-business (LOB) apps. Modernize any of your favorites without coding so you can keep business critical systems in play until you’re ready to move on. This way, developers can focus on innovation and functionality, instead of technical debt, identity and security.

Delight and protect your users

Create a seamless authentication experience so users can access what they need without jumping through frustrating hoops or suspicious changes. Instead of hard-coding side or back doors, use Maverics to update and enforce consistent authentication and authorization policies across all apps.

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