Policy Orchestration
Hexa Policy Orchestration framework: simplifying IAM policy for multi-cloud ecosystems (by Tom Malta)
In this guest post, IAM expert and global consultant Tom Malta shares his views on how Hexa and IDQL – a new and unique policy orchestration platform –  are set to disrupt the multi-cloud space.  Using multiple cloud platforms delivers significant benefits to enterprises, such as improved redundancy, availability, and security. As a result, the... Read More ›
Identity Orchestration & Multi-Cloud: 5 Things to Know
Gartner, Inc. projects 80% of businesses will have all their infrastructure based in the cloud by 2025. The analyst firm also reports that 81% of enterprises using the cloud are managing multi-clouds (have two or more cloud platform vendors). The main drivers for multi-cloud deployments? Primarily the flexibility to support unique application and cloud migration... Read More ›