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Identity today is distributed and using multiple clouds is the new way. Your IAM solutions need to be flexible and built to secure your multi-cloud, multi-IDP, and multi-vendor identity. With Strata, you can orchestrate the systems you already have to work together without having to ever refactor apps or be locked into a connector — no gimmicks.

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With Strata, you can accomplish an incredible variety of layered identity and access flows for your apps. We create orchestration recipes to show you the art of the possible. Dream up your own or get inspired by our customers’ most popular recipes.

  • Moving from SiteMinder to Azure AD? We’ve got a recipe for that.
  • Replacing legacy RSA SecurID with YubiKey passwordless authentication? A recipe gets that done too.
  • Helping Oracle’s EBS work with any modern IDP? We’ve got you covered.

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We’ve helped enterprises, just like yours, save tens-of-millions of dollars.

Strata customers, like Kroger, use Identity Orchestration to modernize their apps and save an average of $150,000 per app + six months of unneeded effort per app.

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Submit your most painful IAM challenge and one of our identity experts will solve it and demo it to you. And to thank you for your time we’ll send you a new set of AirPods Pro. Easy, peasy.

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Still have questions?

What do you mean by Identity Orchestration?

  • Identity Orchestration is a distributed abstraction layer that integrates your multi-cloud and hybrid identity infrastructure and allows you to enforce consistent identity and access policies.
  • It’s different from a Workflow Automation which ingest risk signals from multiple sources to arrive at a consolidated decision (ie. Workato, UIPath) or to a platform that will only manage capabilities that are native to a single-vendor solution (ie. Okta, ForgeRock).

How can Strata help me?

  • Modernize apps or IDPs: Switch clouds, swap IDPs, or deploy the next big thing — without touching the apps.
  • Enable IDP resiliency: When identity downtown is not an option, keep your identity operations running even when your data-center is disconnected.
  • Build orchestrated user journeys: Create a seamless, secure identity experience for every user — without writing any code.
  • Add MFA & passwordless to any app: Deploy modern authentication for hundreds of apps in hours — without leaving any unprotected.
  • Control multi-cloud access with ease: Scale your architecture and secure apps with multi-cloud and multi-identity options — without refactoring.

Who can benefit from Strata?

  • Architects: Confidently adopt multi-cloud platforms and the latest cloud services without worrying about the user experience.
  • Security and risk management: Eliminate gaps and blindspots between proprietary identity systems and comply with mandates without touching apps.
  • Leadership: Achieve zero trust and cloud-first mandates with the solutions you already use without hiring unicorn experts.
  • App owners: Focus on core app functionality instead of the ever-changing security requirements without worrying about identity.
  • End users: Enjoy a smooth, consistent experience without sudden disruptive changes to access workflows.

Can I try Strata Identity Orchestration's platform myself?

  • Yes, you can! Maverics, Strata’s Identity Orchestration platform, is open for a 30-day free trial. It’s easy to use, there’s zero commitment, no credit card required, and our team will be around to help if you want us.
  • Maverics no-code solution lets you modernize any app — by connecting it to any identity provider, no matter which cloud you use — without opening up the app code! It’s quick, easy, and helps you reach IDP independence. If you want to jump right in, visit, or fill out this form and our team will be able to guide you through the process.