Secure your multi-cloud, multi-IDP, and multi-vendor identity

Secure your identity on your terms — with no compromise

Strata’s robust architecture delivers unmatched integration capabilities across all clouds and identity providers, enhancing your security infrastructure without compromise or core app rewrites. No SDKs or heavy code lift. No pressure on your app owner teams.

We’ve helped enterprises, just like yours, save tens-of-millions of dollars.

Strata customers, like Kroger, use Identity Orchestration to modernize their apps and save an average of $150,000 per app + six months of unneeded effort per app.


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Learn why enterprises trust Strata to manage their complex identity environments

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Still have questions?

What do you mean by Identity Orchestration?

  • Identity Orchestration uses a distributed abstraction layer to integrate your multi-cloud and hybrid identity infrastructure and allows you to enforce consistent identity and access policies.
  • It’s different from Workflow Automation which simply ingests risk signals from multiple sources to arrive at a consolidated decision (ie. Workato, UIPath) or platforms that will only manage capabilities that are native to a single-vendor’s solutions (ie. Okta, ForgeRock).

How can Strata help me?

  • Move from legacy on-prem to cloud identity: Migrate hundreds or thousands of apps, including non-standard ones, from outdated IDPs to cloud identity solutions, avoiding costly renewals and complex app rewrites.
  • Support co-existence for hybrid environments: Integrate non-standard apps in hybrid on-prem and cloud environments, accommodating edge architectures and multi-cloud requirements without user disruption.
  • Simplify Identity in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures: Ensure uninterrupted resource access through coexistence of multiple IDPs and resolve namespace complexities within tight deadlines.
  • Consolidate identity providers and services: Quickly consolidate overly complex and disparate identity services by creating a unified identity fabric for the organization without changing your core app code.
  • Build core identity resilience: Maintain continuous, mission-critical identity operations with uninterrupted access to on-prem resources, even in the event of data-center or network disconnections.
  • Add MFA & passwordless to any app: Rapidly deploy phishing-resistant MFA to every single one of your apps without rewrites, even the non-standard ones that don’t speak modern protocols.

When to use Strata?

  • Strata is optimized for larger organizations, typically those with over 5000 employees, where the complexity of identity management requires robust, scalable solutions.
  • Our platform excels in environments with diverse and non-standard applications. Organizations with a fully modern application suite may not fully benefit from the flexibility our platform offers.
  • Currently, our focus is on orchestrating seamless identity integrations and management. If your primary need is the provisioning and deprovisioning of user access, we encourage you to explore other solutions that specialize in these areas.

Role-specific benefits from Strata

  • Identity architects: Confidently adopt multi-cloud platforms and the latest cloud services without worrying about the user experience.
  • Security and risk management: Eliminate gaps and blindspots between proprietary identity systems and comply with regulatory mandates without touching apps.
  • Leadership: Achieve zero trust and cloud-first mandates with the solutions you already use without the need to hire impossible-to-find multi-domain “unicorns”.
  • App owners: Focus on core app functionality instead of worrying about ever-changing identity and security requirements.
  • End users: Enjoy a smooth, consistent experience without sudden disruptive changes to access workflows.

Can I try Strata Identity Orchestration's platform myself?

  • Yes, you can! Maverics, Strata’s Identity Orchestration platform, is open for a 30-day free trial. It’s easy to use, there’s zero commitment, no credit card required, and our team will be around to help if you want us.
  • Maverics no-code solution lets you modernize any app via an intuitive UI. Maverics connects your apps with any identity provider or service, and no refactoring is required. It’s quick, easy, and helps you reach IDP independence.
  • If you want to jump right in, visit, or fill out this form and our team will be able to guide you through the process.