State of Multi-Cloud Identity

A 2022 study by Strata reveals the challenges and opportunities that today’s enterprises face with multi-cloud identity management. The study found that the rapid adoption of multiple clouds and identity providers has created chasms in data security that must be overcome to achieve a zero-trust security architecture.

The second annual report provides insights into how enterprises can overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by multi-cloud identity management.

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State of Multi-Cloud Identity report 2022

“82% of enterprises with $1B or more in revenue currently use three or more clouds, but only one quarter can access policies.”

Survey respondents shared that managing different identity systems across multi-/hybrid cloud infrastructures requires a lot of manual effort and causes challenges.


say they adopted multi-cloud to increase modernization and add new capabilities


say that deploying modern authentication capabilities (MFA) is a high priority


say that classifying and protecting user data is necessary for adopting zero trust

“Being able to manage identities across all of the clouds and Active Directory is our top challenge.”

– Director, IT & Cyber Security – Healthcare – 25,000 employees

Download the study for insights into today’s enterprises’ IAM challenges and opportunities.

About Strata

Strata is the leader in Identity Orchestration with its platform, Maverics, as the only solution built for today’s multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Strata’s distributed approach enables organizations to modernize identity and break decades-old vendor lock-in easily and empowers them to migrate enterprise workloads to the public cloud.