Cost savings and benefits enabled by Strata Identity

“I will save about $3 million per year once I migrate off [the prior solution] and shut it down.”
— Security manager, IAM, state government

Strata Identity commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact Study™ (TEI). The study concluded that using Maverics, a composite organization representative of interviewed customers realized a 407% return on investment (ROI) over three years.

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Maverics’ impact by the numbers


Return on Investment


Net Present Value (NPV)


Hours saved per high-complexity app migrated

Business benefits experienced by Strata’s customers

Forrester Consulting interviewed four representatives total from three of Strata’s customers and found that using the Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform resulted in:

  • Saved time — no app rewrites needed to work with modern, cloud IDPs
  • Cut costs — ditching expensive identity & access management systems
  • Eliminated vendor lock-in — seamlessly switching between IDP vendors
  • Increased security — quickly adding MFA, passwordless, and advanced identity services
  • Accelerated integration — reducing friction caused by acquired IAM services

“The flexibility of the solution, the extensibility/customization, and the white-glove service we received from the Strata team made it extremely attractive and helped us accomplish our goals.”

Manager of information security, retail


About Strata

Strata is the leader in Identity Orchestration with its platform, Maverics, as the only solution built for today’s multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Strata’s distributed approach enables organizations to modernize identity and break decades-old vendor lock-in easily and empowers them to migrate enterprise workloads to the public cloud.