Identity Migration
Discover the Migration Benefits of Maverics Identity Discovery
  The march to the cloud continues in full force with many companies focused on digital transformation initiatives. Business Transformation and modernization start with moving legacy identities and applications to the cloud. The initial phase of an identity migration project is to locate and inventory identities across a disparate legacy network environment. The recently launched free... Read More ›
Introducing Maverics Identity Discovery — Simplify Discovery, Migrate Apps Faster
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust The term discovery means different things depending on the context. It can be a new place, new information, or recently gained enlightenment. At its heart, discovery is about finding something you didn’t know was there.  I thought... Read More ›
Identity Migration
What is App & Identity Migration and Why is It Important?
Why app & identity migrations are necessary and how to make them more manageable Migrating applications and identities to the cloud is a bit like the Wild West. There’s no set way to do things, the risks are real, and the stakes are high. However, there are approaches to avoid and best practices to consider... Read More ›
Identity Migration
5 Step Identity & App Migration from SiteMinder to Azure AD
SiteMinder is nearing EOL (end of life) and will no longer be supported after 2022. Since you’re reading this, that’s probably not news to you. If you’ve been living in denial and putting off dealing with the giant, flashing elephant in the room (that is migration from SiteMinder), you’re not alone.  According to a recent... Read More ›
Identity Migration
Legacy Identity Infrastructures are Nearing End of Life, Now What?
End of Life (EOL) is inevitable for most products. There comes a time when it simply no longer makes sense to keep investing in something.  It could be that the product is not generating enough revenue (Sony Playstation Vita), or a miscalculation was made in a diversification strategy (remember New Coke?).