Protect apps with HYPR passwordless authentication

How to orchestrate a secure Passwordless user journey to any application with Maverics.

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  • No-code passwordless for any app, even those that don’t support modern AuthN
  • Quickly integrate passwordless with your existing IDPs and apps for a frictionless user journey
  • Reduce risk through phased passwordless deployments

A truly passwordless experience made possible by decoupling HYPR from your IDPs.

The recipe diagram

A simple user journey that simply works.

The sequence diagram

How everything comes together to authenticate.

Users love Maverics because adding passwordless authentication eliminates the need to create and remember additional login credentials when they access their applications. Orchestration removes any scary interruption to their expected login experience, and they don’t feel the friction traditionally associated with adding new security services.

  • User navigates to the target app through their existing access workflow and enters their username
  • Maverics checks whether they are in a user population configured for Passwordless authentication
  • Maverics initiates a prompt to the user’s phone to authenticate with HYPR
  • The user completes a passwordless authentication event on their mobile device
  • Maverics collects additional user data, claims, and context
  • On successful HYPR passwordless authentication, the user is able to access target app

Admins love Maverics because they can quickly onboard users and protect apps with Passwordless authentication in a fraction of the time since there is no need to change apps or IDPs. Decoupling authentication from the protected resources through orchestration means that admins don’t have to burden application owners with costly refactoring projects.

  • Login to the HYPR admin console
  • Create a new application in the HYPR control center
  • Generate an API token for the Maverics Orchestrator
  • Copy that token into your configured secret provider
  • Configure the HYPR integration in the Maverics yaml file with your HYPR domain, HYPR app ID, and the secret provider pointer to your stored access token
  • Optionally, customize the login page where users enter their username and the interstitial page that a user sees while they are responding to the HYPR prompt on their device
  • Finally, in any app gateway or authentication provider, name HYPR as the IDP to bring passwordless to your users

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