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App Modernization: Moving from SiteMinder to Okta

Quickly modernize an application from authenticating against a legacy IdP to a modern cloud IdP, like Okta, without the need to refactor the app

Future-proof applications via identity abstraction to quickly add new post-modernization identity services such as MFA, Passwordless, Identity Verification, and more

Leverage automation to replicate the process at scale for all your applications and retire your EOL legacy vendor contracts

Recipe summary: app modernization – moving from SiteMinder to Okta

This recipe demonstrates how Maverics makes it easy to seamlessly move an application from a legacy IdP, SiteMinder, to a modern one like Okta without rewriting that application or changing the user’s access experience. The recipe shows both the pre and post-modernization app authentication flows, which remain unchanged from the employee’s perspective. In just a few minutes’ time Maverics is deployed as an Application Gateway in front of the target app. A simple configuration update is then made to redirect user authentication to the new target IdP.

Recipe instructions: app modernization – moving from SiteMinder to Okta

Authentication flow steps before the app modernization

  1. 1

    The user attempt to access the target app via the existing SiteMinder-protected authentication flow

  2. 2

    If SiteMinder’s legacy policy definitions are met, the user can access the target app

Authentication flow steps after the app modernization

  1. 1

    The user navigates to the target app using the same authentication flow they are familiar with

  2. 2

    The application’s policy is now defined by the Maverics Application Gateway instead of SiteMinder

  3. 3

    Maverics evaluates the new app policy in the config settings and now redirects the user to Okta for authentication as per policy definition

  4. 4

    Once the user authenticates against Okta they are granted access to the app

  5. 5

    SiteMinder can be quickly retired once all of the organization’s apps are protected with Maverics

View recipe in action: app modernization – moving from SiteMinder to Okta

User perspective demo

Technical overview

Recipe sequence diagram: app modernization – moving from SiteMinder to Okta

Recipe YAML config settings: app modernization from SiteMinder to Okta

Maverics Identity Orchestration works with a simple YAML config* (as shown in the figure to the right). No app rewrites or custom code is required. Download this recipe’s full config file below.

*Config may vary based on your environment.