Register a Deal

Official Strata referral and reseller partners are uniquely empowered in our joint go-to-market efforts. If you are not a already an approved Strata partner today, please apply here first.

Submitting a deal through the registration form will enable the Strata team to:

  • Verify your partner status
  • Identify the customer and potential opportunity
  • Assist in connecting you with the best people at Strata for next steps

We will review the deal registration submission and respond to you quickly with any questions or clarifications. If approved, a Strata sales representative will confirm with you in writing, by email, or otherwise.

A Strata-approved deal referral will confirm you are entitled to a referral fee based on the terms of the Strata Referral Agreement.

A Strata-approved deal registration will confirm you are entitled to discounting and deal protection according to the terms of your Strata Reseller Agreement.