Download Maverics Identity Discovery for SiteMinder 12.8

Inventory, visualize, and analyze your app and identity complexity and interdependencies in under 10 minutes. For free.

Discovery automates an expensive manual process that once took many months and a team of contributors to complete and quickly allows you to:

  • Analyze policies across your org to learn what is in use and how they are used
  • Identify which Apps, Realms, Domains, and Groups are in your SiteMinder environment
  • Automatically score your apps in order of complexity to assist in migration planning
  • Filter and sort the findings in an easy-to-use visual browser interface
  • Chose to discuss results and next steps in a dedicated migration strategy session

“You can take your very complex SiteMinder environment and boil it down to a clear simple report. The simplicity is the power!”
– Leading cloud identity provider