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Instantly connect all the identity systems you use

Strata presents the Maverics Connector Catalog, a revolutionary, cloud-delivered solution that eliminates the complex custom code historically needed to integrate identity. Use our pre-built connectors and get out of the identity integration business, once and for all.

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Zero-Code Identity Integration

No-Code Meets Identity

Automate identity integration to save time and money on integration specialists.

Integration Made Simple

Complete projects in record time with simple connector code for configuring Workflows and Actions in minutes.

Great Gets Even Better

Use connectors for any identity system and enjoy the powerful network effect as connectors are added or updated.


Integrating identity used to mean expensive, drawn-out, thankless projects that drained developer productivity while they learned out-dated APIs of dead-end products – until now.

Unlock and integrate any identity system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects using Maverics Connector Catalog™. Strata’s Zero Code Connectors™ means you don’t need to be a developer to solve identity integration. Automatic upgrades remove the burden of costly updates and ensure no versioning or compatibility issues.

Orchestrates Distributed Identity

Strata has connectors for the identity systems you use today and we continually add more connectors to the catalog.

General-purpose last-mile connectors work with virtually any Web app running on any platform so you can be confident you can connect identity to your app without rewriting it.

On-prem identity connectors are available for CA SiteMinder, Oracle Access Manager, Active Directory, Ping Federate/Access, WS02, and others. Cloud identity connectors are available for Okta, Azure AD, AWS Identity, GCP Identity, and others.

Adopt A Simple Workflow-driven Approach

Use Maverics Connector Workflows to solve the most common identity integration patterns such as migration, last-mile SSO, session abstraction, identity replication, and synchronization across clouds.

These workflow templates accelerate deployment and provide an identity fabric you can use to run your apps wherever you want, using the identity system of choice – all in record time while cutting 85% of integration costs.

Kiss Last-Mile Woes Goodbye

Maverics Zero Code Connectors™ can solve even the most complex last-mile identity integration problems. Need to map custom attributes to a user for better personalization? Need to translate a SiteMinder cookie into a SAML or JWT token? Need to synchronize multiple session systems at runtime? Maverics Zero Code Connectors™ solve all these problems and much more.

Don’t Rewrite Your Apps. Connect Them.

Use Maverics Zero Code Connectors to decouple apps from identity sessions and free yourself from the tyranny of proprietary cookies.

Add modern identity and security features to your app without writing a line of code. Need SAML SSO from Okta to your on-premises app? Use Maverics Zero Code Connectors™. Want to add MFA and detailed auditing for your app? Use Maverics Zero Code Connectors™ and finish your integration project in record time.