Distributed identity systems that work as one

Maverics connects to any identity system, transparently migrates users and credentials, replicates and synchronizes policies and configurations, and abstracts authentication and session management. Identity migration enables you to move apps without costly application modernization.

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Strata: The distributed way to manage multi-cloud identity

Break Identity Lock-in

Run your apps where you want and use the identity system of your choice — and be free to change as you need.

Distribute Identity Management

Connected, distributed identity systems are cheaper to run and easier to maintain.

Zero-Code Integration

Make apps standards-based, MFA and passwordless enabled, and zero-trust ready with no rewrites.

Connects Distributed Identity Systems

Pre-built, Zero Code Connectors integrate with proprietary legacy identity APIs and with modern cloud identity systems using standards such as:

  • OAuth
  • OpenID Connect
  • SCIM
  • SAML

This makes it one of the most compelling multi-cloud identity orchestration tools available.


Orchestrates Distributed Identity

Orchestrate the complex integrations of distributed identity systems using simple, declarative configuration and using actions like building blocks to meet any need.


Migrate using a unique network-driven and real-time ETL approach to incrementally move and normalize users, credentials, and policies from legacy to cloud-native identity systems.

Replicates and Synchronizes Identity Data

Replicate and synchronize identities, policies, and configurations automatically from old to new, simplifying management with identity orchestration and ensuring each distributed identity system shares a common identity data baseline.

Abstracts Authentication and Session

Break lock-in by decoupling identity from apps and transforming proprietary session cookies into standards-based session tokens without changing your apps or the user login experience.