Build Just-in-Time App Requests using Maverics Identity Orchestration

Apps are everywhere – in the cloud, on-premises, and delivered as SaaS. This means lots of sensitive data that needs protecting. Access policy is fragmented between legacy and SaaS and IT teams can’t keep up. Use this Maverics Identity Orchestration best-practice recipe to deliver Just-in-Time access to apps.


Self-service app access for distributed identities

Policies for managing access need to be consistent across distributed environments. But the volume and constantly changing environment are too vast for manual management. Automation is needed to keep up with modern demands on scale and customer experience.

Automate app access requests

Build an identity flow for self-service, automated app requests.

Manage access to SaaS, cloud and legacy apps

Manage app requests for all your apps, including SaaS, cloud, and legacy apps.

Just-In-Time access with real-time orchestration

Deliver approved apps immediately with Maverics’ real-time identity orchestration platform.

Real-time identity orchestration

Orchestrate access requests and approval flows in real-time, allowing you to deliver app access Just-In-Time.

Automate orchestration across identity systems

Apply authorization logic to grant access based on your defined policies automatically. Maverics can orchestrate flows across your identity systems, apps, ServiceNow, and virtually any system you use.


Just-in-Time application access enables you to save licensing expense by provisioning app access to only those users that actually need (and use) it.

Enforce least privilege

Avoid giving users too many privileges beyond what is needed to accomplish their tasks using Maverics Identity Orchestration to granularly control access and enforce least privilege access to apps and sensitive accounts.

One platform for SaaS, cloud, and legacy app requests

Deploy unified access requests for all your apps, including SaaS, cloud, and even legacy web apps. Maverics was born in the distributed cloud and uniquely capable of managing identity in distributed environments.

Auditor friendly reporting

Use Maverics Service Extensions to record detailed auditing details, logging who requested access, why they were approved and to even send a receipt for billing.

Use Identity Orchestrations to build a Just-in-Time Access Request recipe


Maverics proxies the user request and directs the user to authenticate at the cloud identity system


The user logs into the portal and is authenticated using Azure AD


In the portal, the user wants access to an application but doesn’t have access. They can click on the ‘Get It Now’ button


This event triggers the user to be up-authenticated using MFA using Conditional Access


Once the user authenticates using MFA, Maverics retrieves the attributes for the user out of LDAP


Maverics passes these attributes to the authorization system where they are evaluated against the access policy ‘Allow Access If US Employee’


Maverics sends a receipt and audit event to ServiceNow


Maverics gives the user access to the requested app immediately and passes personalization data into the app

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