Identity Orchestration

Connect apps with identity seamlessly

Modernization is simple, secure, and fast with the world’s first identity orchestration platform — Maverics. Build identity orchestrations on the Maverics platform using prebuilt orchestrations or best-practice recipes. Best of all, you don’t need to rewrite your apps.

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Strata Overview - Distributed Multi-Cloud Identity Management

Connect Legacy and Cloud Identity 100x faster

Abstract legacy Oracle, SiteMinder, ClearTrust, IBM, Ping, and Active Directory. Maverics also works with all the cloud-native identity Azure AD, Okta, AWS, GCP, Duo, PlainID, and others with prebuilt providers.

Lower Integration Costs by up to 95%

Build identity flows easily using prebuilt recipes and the Maverics Connector Catalog. The Maverics abstraction layer makes it easy to roll out or change identity systems.

Deliver identity projects 10x faster

Eliminate the resources related to managing the complexity of custom coding. With Maverics, there’s no need to rewrite apps.

Connect apps and identity without writing or maintaining custom code

Building user flows involving multiple identity systems and many apps used to take a long time with manual custom coding and effort. Maverics makes it easy to orchestrate identity for even the most complex scenarios, allowing enterprises to rapidly build, deploy, and manage identity integrations.

Unified Identity Policy

Maverics abstracts the core identity management services into an integrated Identity Fabric that powers Identity Orchestration and user flows.

Unlimited Flexibility

Maverics works with most apps and identity systems with prebuilt integrations.

Use the service extensions to make building custom integrations a snap. Also, you can build virtually any automation with service extensions. And, the Maverics abstraction layer enables you to swap identity systems and applications effortlessly.

Kroger needed to move hundreds of apps from SiteMinder to AzureAD ahead of a critical deadline. There was no time for app rewrites, and no room for compromises, Kroger engaged with Strata for help. See how Strata helped.

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How Identity Orchestration works

Maverics’ Identity Orchestration recipes are runtime user flows that orchestrate a user’s session from login, multi-factor, authorization, attributes, and any other identity service. Use Maverics’ catalog of best-practice recipes such as app+identity modernization, self-service app requests, and more — all without rewriting your apps.

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Maverics decides where the user should initially authenticate.


Maverics authenticates users against the cloud identity system.


Maverics checks access control. Usually this is done by the authentication system.


Maverics enforces conditional authentication and ‘up authenticates’ the user against the MFA solution.


Maverics retrieves attributes from LDAP.


Maverics gets authorization decisions from the authorization system using the attributes.


Maverics calls out to a web service to initiate another workstream in an app.


Maverics transforms the session token from one format to another, for instance convert SAML token into HTTP headers.


Maverics packages users’ session data and passes attributes into the application for personalization.


Maverics provides access to the app, which is unchanged.

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