Get Okta in front of your on-prem apps — fast

Don’t leave your mission-critical, header-based, LDAP, or legacy WAM apps behind. Extend modern authentication and authorization to any app without refactoring or using Okta Access Gateway.

Deploy Maverics on your tough app and let Identity Orchestration do the job. You’ll be in production in less than five days.

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They modernized app identity the easy way. So can you.

Identity Fabric Abstraction Layer

Unlock all of Okta’s potential with Maverics

Protect all your apps without disrupting the user’s experience or exposing them to risk.

  • Connect any legacy application to Okta. Get Okta in front of even the most unmanageable app quickly — no code rewrites needed.
  • Deploy easily in hours. With Maverics, you can be in full production before other solutions typically get installed.
  • Save thousands of dollars per app, per year. We only charge per app and per IDP. If you connect an app through Okta, you’ll be charged for all users — even the ones who never log in. The savings with Maverics add up fast.

Use Okta with any app, whenever you want

Connect any legacy app to Okta with no long-term contracts or term minimums — modernizing can be that simple. Customers, like this State Government, use Identity Orchestration to modernize on-prem apps and save an average of $150,000 and about 6 months of effort per app. You can too.

Securing the “impossible-to-modernize” application and many more with a large State Government organization.

Modernized a problem application in four working sessions

Retired legacy IDP and autonomy over cloud identity providers

Saved millions via consumption-based (per app and IDP) pricing

Still have questions about using Okta with any on-prem or legacy app? We’ve got some answers!

Why should I use Maverics instead of going through Okta Access Gateway?

Connecting a legacy app to Okta with Maverics is faster, cheaper, and easier. Let’s break this down.

  • Installing, mastering, and deploying traditional gateway products can take weeks or months — even with full vendor support. Deploying Maverics only takes a few hours — you can do it alone or ask us for help. (The cost to you is the same either way.)
  • Okta uses per-user pricing. Okta costs $3/user/month, even for users that don’t use the application. We don’t use per-user pricing — we charge per app ($250/month) and per IDP ($2500/month). The number of users doesn’t matter; your price stays the same.
  • Deploying traditional gateway solutions is a time-intensive commitment. Deploying Maverics is simple — you can try it yourself in the free trial or contact our team, and we’ll help.

What’s Identity Orchestration?

Identity Orchestration is a distributed abstraction layer that integrates your multi-cloud and hybrid identity infrastructure and allows you to enforce consistent identity and access policies.

It’s different from workflow automation which ingests risk signals from multiple sources to arrive at a consolidated decision (i.e., Workato, UIPath), or a platform that will only manage capabilities that are native to a single-vendor solution (i.e., Okta, ForgeRock).

Learn more about it — and our approach — here.

You said Strata can help me connect any on-prem app to Okta. What else can you do?

You can use Maverics to:

  • Modernize apps or IDPs: Switch clouds, swap IDPs, or deploy the next big thing — without touching the apps.
  • Enable IDP resilience: When identity downtime is not an option, keep your identity operations running even when your data-center is disconnected.
  • Build orchestrated user journeys: Create a seamless, secure identity experience for every user — without writing any code.
  • Add MFA & passwordless to any app: Deploy modern authentication for hundreds of apps in hours — without leaving any unprotected.
  • Control multi-cloud access easily: Scale your architecture and secure apps with multi-cloud and multi-identity options — without refactoring.

Who can benefit from Strata?

  • Architects: Confidently adopt multi-cloud platforms and the latest cloud services without worrying about the user experience.
  • Security and risk management: Eliminate gaps and blindspots between proprietary identity systems and comply with mandates without touching apps.
  • Leadership: Achieve zero trust and cloud-first mandates with your existing solutions without hiring unicorn experts.
  • App owners: Focus on core app functionality instead of the ever-changing security requirements without worrying about identity.
  • End users: Enjoy a smooth, consistent experience without sudden disruptive changes to access workflows.