Governance & Standards

IDQL & Hexa developer workshop [webinar]

Join select developers and architects in the IDQL working group behind the Hexa project for an interactive, hands-on experience to:

  • Learn how Hexa was built using GoLang and other design considerations
  • See a live demo of Hexa software and a codebase walkthrough
  • Learn how to build a provider/connector of your own
  • Understand how you can contribute to the Hexa project


  • Mike Barinek: Lead Developer and Co-founder of Initial Capacity
  • Neil Danilowicz: Principal Architect at Versa, MEF member and co-editor
  • Gerry Gebel: Head of Standards at Strata Identity
  • Hunter Gilane: Lead Developer at Initial Capacity
  • Eli Friedman: Senior Software Engineer at Strata Identity

Hosted by Mark Callahan: Product Marketing Storyteller at Strata Identity

To learn more or start contributing to the development of Hexa/IDQL go to  

Access the video transcript here.